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Atlanta Reviews

“Thank you for your session update! Our son has really enjoyed his time with you and said the things that he's learning are applicable to his current schoolwork, so that's a win-win-win! Appreciate all that you are doing.”

Alpharetta High School Parent

“Thank you so much for teaching me and helping me learn and review so much material. Back in May, I barely thought I would get an ACT score of 34, especially not a 36! Because of your patient tutelage, I've achieved so much and deepened my understanding of a variety of fields. You showed me a side of math that I never learned in school."

Chattahoochee High School Student

“Thanks for all your help in the final days before Elizabeth’s ACT. She came home with a smile, some relief, but she finished each section with time to spare. Thanks again for helping her get through the anxiety and provide her with time management skills.”

William and Reed Academy Parent

Meet Some of Our Amazing Tutors

They all bring something unique to the table meaning there's a good match for every student. What they all have in common? An insatiable drive to help your student succeed.

Jenna B.
+ Years of Tutoring Experience

Jenna is a Premium Tutor, the D.C. area Tutor Manager, and the IEC Account Manager for DC, Maryland, and Virginia. She's worked with over 175 Applerouth students since joining the team in 2012 and is the most-requested tutor in the D.C. area. She's also tutored multiple students to perfect section scores on both the SAT and ACT. A native of Arlington, Virginia, Jenna attended the University of Virginia as an Echols Scholar, where she earned a B.A. in English (with distinction) and a minor in Theatre. Jenna spent five years in London, honing her acting skills at LAMDA, before returning to D.C. When it comes to tutoring, Jenna's style is encouraging and reassuring. "Don't let the test get inside your head," she says. "And remember - it's always simpler than you think."

When she's not tutoring, you can find Jenna rooting for the Nats, reading, and playing with dogs.
What Parents are Saying
"Jenna is the best! She really understood my son's needs and tailored her work to what he needed. She was patient and understanding. And, of course, my son's SAT scores improved. Working with Jenna was an all around great experience."
Chelsea B.
+ Years of Tutoring Experience

Chelsea is both a Premium Tutor and the Seattle area Tutor Manager, and she has worked with over 200 Applerouth students since joining the team. She is in the top 10% of Most Requested Tutors and has helped multiple students earn perfect section scores on both the SAT and ACT. A Florida native, Chelsea participated in the International Baccalaureate program in high school. She then went on to earn both a Bachelor's in Biological Science and a Master's in Biology and Science Education, both from Florida State University. During her time at FSU, she worked in a laboratory and taught college-level science classes to undergraduates. She has experience teaching a wide range of students, both individually and in groups. Chelsea takes a student-led approach to tutoring, saying, "I do not give direct answers to students; instead, I prefer to ask questions that help the student work out a problem-solving process that they can apply in the future."

When she's not tutoring, Chelsea enjoys rock-climbing, cooking and playing bass guitar.
What Parents are Saying
"Chelsea is an amazing tutor: intelligent, reliable, and can relate the material in a way that her student understands."
Jeff F.
+ Years of Tutoring Experience

Jeff is a Premium Tutor who has worked with over 350 students since joining the Applerouth team in 2012. A professional with degrees in both political science and teaching, Jeff has worked with multiple students who have gone on to achieve perfect section scores on their college admissions tests. He also assists our creative team by editing content for our books. Jeff believes that effective practice requires students to have a goal in mind: "To use a baseball analogy, smart ballplayers don't try to hit home runs in batting practice. Rather, they simulate game situations and ask themselves, "Given this situation, how would I react?" Similarly, whenever you do your homework or take a mock test, you should always practice with a purpose in mind."

When he's not tutoring, you can find Jeff hiking, traveling, or volunteering.
What Parents are Saying
"Jeff has been a wonderful communicator with us as parents! My daughter has mentioned several times how helpful and clear Jeff is in their sessions. I appreciate his session feedback and look forward to seeing the results of this partnership!"
Tom B.
+ Years of Tutoring Experience

Tom is a longtime Premium Tutor and the Director of Tutor Services here at Applerouth. Tom earned a Bachelors of Science with a Double Major in Economics and Finance Magna Cum Laude at the University of South Alabama before earning his MBA from the University of Rochester, focusing on both Corporate Accounting and Finance. After working in the finance world for several years, Tom went back to school, earned teaching certifications in Broad Field Business, Economics, and History at the University of Georgia, and taught high school for over 13 years. Since joining the team in 2011, Tom has tutored over 850 students and is one of our Top 10 Most-Requested Tutors of all time. Tom has tutored multiple students who have achieved perfect section scores and perfect composite scores on the SAT and ACT. He sums up his tutoring philosophy simply and decisively: "Take a two pronged approach: master the material and master the test."

When Tom isn't tutoring, you can find him fishing, driving his trademark red Camaro, and - most importantly - spending time with his family.
What Parents are Saying
"Tom is an amazing tutor; he does a great job of preparing his students and really connects with them. Fabulous!"
Sarah F.
+ Years of Tutoring Experience

Sarah is a Premium Tutor who has tutored over 140 students since joining the team in 2013. Sarah earned a degree in Mathematics from Harvey Mudd College before moving on to do graduate work in Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science at Georgia Tech. Once she started PhD work, however, she realized that her true love was teaching, rather than research. She tutors SAT/ACT, math of all levels, as well as chemistry, physics and other sciences. Sarah's broad base of knowledge, combined with her dedication to her students, has cemented her place in our top 10% of Most Requested Tutors. Her dedication pays off: several of her students have achieved perfect section or composite scores in their SATs and ACTs. In addition to tutoring, Sarah serves as our Math Specialist, creating content for our books and online practice; she is the Applerouth authority on the SAT and ACT's math problems! Sarah's tutoring philosophy focuses on breaking difficult problems into steps: "It is good to keep the big picture in mind, but the best approach to most any problem is to take things one step at a time.

The small steps can be completely manageable even when the big picture seems overwhelming." When Sarah isn't tutoring, she knits, bakes, and sings in a choir.
What Parents are Saying
"My daughter likes Sarah's style and the way she helps her break things into pieces. She feels that Sarah is already helping her better understand the concepts."
Shara-Sue C.
+ Years of Tutoring Experience

Shara-Sue is a Premium Tutor and a Tutor Manager for the Atlanta and Chicago markets. Since joining Applerouth in 2014, Shara-Sue has tutored over 1,000 students, several of whom have gone on to achieve perfect section scores on both the SAT and ACT. Shara-Sue's dedication and infectious enthusiasm are impossible to miss: she is one of Applerouth's Top 10 Most Requested Tutors and won the company-wide Above and Beyond Award in 2015 for her willingness to go the extra mile for her students and their families. Before joining Applerouth, Shara-Sue taught in the public school system for several years. Shara-Sue describes her tutoring style as "lively, adaptive, energetic, visual, and auditory." She works hard to empower her students and build their confidence as they get ready for test day.

When she's not tutoring, Shara-Sue creates art, travels everywhere she can, and enjoys all the cultural and artistic events Atlanta has to offer!
What Parents are Saying
"Shara-Sue is the most incredible tutor! We are so appreciative of her and of Applerouth's matching us with her. We are so thrilled with the help and leadership she has provided our daughters, who adore her. She is truly wonderful."

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A 7th-Grader Finds Her Focus Through Executive Function Skills


Tammy was in 7th grade when her parents reached out to us. She was struggling with her executive functioning skills, and specifically, with a low C in her geometry class. As can be commonplace at her age, her social life was overshadowing her focus on academics. After assessing all the details, we matched Tammy with a Premium Applerouth Tutor with an aptitude for helping students shift their focus and manage their motivation. In Tammy’s case, the tutor recognized the importance of addressing executive function skills and study habits. She learned that she had the power to improve her low C in math on her own with simple habit tweaks.

Overall, Tammy’s executive functioning skills improved, and she learned the key skill of managing her priorities when necessary. Her tutoring journey continued into high school, where she was excelling in geometry class. This reflects the impressive gains that Tammy has made in her overall focus and in her executive functioning skills!


  • Tammy came to us struggling academically. We identified one of the main causes to be a lack of executive functioning skills. 
  • With her newfound knowledge of executive functioning, Tammy was able to become aware of her most effective personal motivators.
  • She was able to transition to structured, goal-oriented meetings throughout her time with us.


Tammy, now a high school freshman excelling in geometry, demonstrates how improved organizational skills and motivation can help students excel by leaps and bounds. Tammy was able to move beyond her previous academic barriers with simple techniques. A little help can truly make big ripples in a student’s academic journey.

*Student's name and likeness have been changed for privacy.

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