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Elementary & Middle School

No student should have to feel discouraged or frustrated. If a subject in the early grades presents a challenge for them, we can help. We’ll hand-select a tutor that will help them learn the material and build their confidence. Watch your student fall in love with learning again as they experience school success.

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AP, IB & High School

Every student will find some high school subjects more challenging than others, but that’s no reason they can’t still do their best. With Applerouth, your student will get 1-1 attention from a tutor they love so they can master any subject. Watch their grades and confidence soar.

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College Courses

College classes require you to master a lot of high-level information. And many professors only give you a few shots - a mid-term, major paper, or final exam - to really show what you know. Work 1-1 with a tutor who knows the subject and can help you learn it, and show how well you know it, too.

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