ACT Study Guide


Is the ACT on your horizon? This comprehensive book is 1,000+ pages of lessons, illustrations, and practice for every topic on the ACT. From English to Science, our guide's got you covered:

  • Illustrations & explanations for visual reinforcement
  • Proven strategies to master the ACT content
  • Hundreds of practice problems & solutions
  • Helpful ideas for tackling test anxiety
  • 2 full practice tests

Ready to get started? We'll ship it to you so you can get prepping.

"I would highly recommend my tutor. His advice, tips, and tutoring helped me raise my ACT English score from a 23 to a 35."


"Our tutor was great. My son got a lot out of these sessions and his score went up 160 points after just the first mock test. Her reports and responses to my emails were always quick! Good job!"


"Applerouth did an incredible job in helping me boost my scores by a considerable amount in each section. I’m so thankful for their guide; it had me laughing and learning at the same time! It is by far the most effective prep book that I have come across."

Student (Georgetown University)

"My son got a 36 composite score on the ACT! His tutor is a miracle worker."

Garfield High School Parent

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