Digital SAT Online Course

Self-paced online SAT prep that takes your practice results and gives you a personalized path to a higher score. It's time to master the Reading & Writing and Math sections of the digital adaptive test. Here's how.

  • 2,000+ practice problems
  • 4 full practice SATs
  • Includes Applerouth’s Guide to the SAT
  • 1 year of unlimited access
Digital SAT Online Course

Full Digital SAT Practice

It's digital prep for a digital test -- a peek of the real thing. That way, there are less surprises on test day. Blind dates aren't always a good idea.

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Made for You

Whatever your needs are in terms of pace, learning style, and more, this online SAT course can fit them like a custom-made glove on a wintry day.

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A Bonus Guide

You will get access to our Guide to the Digital SAT, included with your course. This popular guide is a helpful and comprehensive way to gain an understanding of this adaptive test.

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The secret to a higher score?

Personalized daily practice that keeps you motivated.

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Custom Plan

A custom plan means you skip what you know and focus your time on what you don’t.

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50+ hrs animated lessons

Animated videos keep you engaged and make learning stick.

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Short, daily lessons

Short, daily lessons allow you to prep on your schedule and keep improving.

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Weekly Updates

Weekly progress emails help you stay on pace.

"I would highly recommend my tutor. His advice, tips, and tutoring helped me raise my ACT English score from a 23 to a 35."


"My son got a 36 composite score on the ACT! His tutor is a miracle worker."

Garfield High School Parent

"Applerouth did an incredible job in helping me boost my scores by a considerable amount in each section. I’m so thankful for their guide; it had me laughing and learning at the same time! It is by far the most effective prep book that I have come across."

Student (Georgetown University)

"Our tutor was great. My son got a lot out of these sessions and his score went up 160 points after just the first mock test. Her reports and responses to my emails were always quick! Good job!"


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