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Free ACT & Digital SAT practice tests and strategy sessions!

Building better learners for life.

We’ve spent over 20 years developing a smarter way to tutor.

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A smarter way to tutor.

Our process uses the latest psychological research in cognition, memory and motivation to help students achieve a higher level of academic success. Applerouth tutors are empathy-driven. They understand there is so much more in a student's world than just academics.

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Anything but standardized.

We listen closely to understand your specific needs, and craft an individualized plan to achieve your educational goals. Then we carefully pair our 1-1 students with the right tutor, based on learning style and personality. Forcing you into a box is not our style.

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All-star tutors.

Our tutors have an average SAT score well above 1500. Among our ranks are valedictorians, salutatorians, and National Merit scholars. And we require that all of our tutors have teaching experience prior to working for Applerouth, as well as undergo comprehensive training before joining the team.

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Our tutor was amazing for my daughter! Thank you for teaching her math and great strategies. She felt so much more confident afterwards.
- Lakeside High School Parent
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Find out what you don't know. Get insider details from our top experts in the field, and stay up-to-date on all things Applerouth.

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Choose the learning experience for you. We help you find those missing pieces, and enjoy the process while you're at it!

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Practice Tests

We run free practice test events because we know how incredibly valuable they are for students to do their best on the real thing.

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“My son got a 36 composite score on the ACT! His tutor is a miracle worker.”

Garfield High School Parent

“Whatever my son's tutor is doing for him is magic. She is the answer to getting him through two more years of high school math.”

John Jay High School Parent

“My client and her daughter are very happy. She got a three-point increase in just 10 hours of tutoring.”

Educational Consultant

Test Prep

Tests can be studied and mastered with the right approach. We know how to help you do both for test day and beyond.

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AP & Academic Tutoring

From elementary school to college courses, Applerouth’s tutors can help you boost your grades for the long-haul.

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Executive Function Coaching

Master six core skills that form the foundation of success - both in the classroom, and in everyday life.

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Applerouth's Process

From advisement to post-service follow up, we come alongside you on your journey.

1. Craft a plan.

Schedule an appointment with a Program Director to discuss which of our learning experiences would work best for you.

2. Tutor matching.

Get matched to the perfect tutor for you, based on learning needs, personality, and educational goals.

3. Start learning.

Make leaps and bounds in whatever it is you need help with the most - and then some. Get ready to feel more confident by the end.

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