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When we work with School and District Leadership, we provide our resources and knowledge -- and do so with seamless communication so you're always up to speed. Learn more about how we can work with you to provide value for both you and your students.

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Unmatched Support

You have the students, we have the substantial resources and know-how to get it done. We'll be there to ease your school through growing pains and the various challenges that arise in the world of education.

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Seamless Communication

Like cogs working in perfect harmony, we will keep in close communication with you about any events we work together on, and any other information we think you'd want to know. After all, that's what a partnership does.

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Like Passions

Like you, we're passionate about the education and empowerment of those who want to learn. When two groups have the same goal and interests in mind, they become a force to be reckoned with.

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"The level of patience and responsiveness was outstanding. We cannot thank you enough for all that Applerouth has done. Your support will impact our students more than you could imagine."
Curriculum Support Teacher, The "Great" C.H. Gullatt Elementary
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Expert Articles

We have a team built on decades of experience, and they have a thing or two to say.

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Your Dedicated Partnerships Team

You have your own Partnership Director who will serve as your primary point of contact. That's best-in-class service.

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Free Events & Webinars

Free events and strategy sessions to help you guide your students along the educational journey.

"I had 82 students pass the ACT, CLT, or FAST Assessments first semester. I attribute the score improvement to the grammar instruction through Applerouth. I'm using the Applerouth book for small group instruction followed by the lessons on the computer. I've been teaching 11th and 12th grade reading for 15 years, and I feel Applerouth is making a big difference with the students in my classes."
Intensive Reading Teacher, Pinellas County Schools, Florida
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"I am thrilled and got exactly what I was hoping for. My daughter's tutor worked so hard, and I rave about her to everyone!"

Online tutoring parent

"From now on, you are my go-to tutoring company. Thanks for taking such good care of my students."

New York Tri-State Area IEC

"My daughter was accepted to UMBC, and we are so excited! All of the hard work paid off."

McLean School of Maryland parent

How We Work with School and District Leaders

We maximize the support you can give to your students.

Professional Development

Applerouth offers professional development workshops in SAT/ACT/PSAT Prep, Study Skills and Executive Functioning. Our Professional Development offerings range from free webinars on the evolving (and often confusing) landscape of standardized testing to in-depth, 2 - 3 day training sessions for your teachers on Applerouth’s cutting-edge educational practices.

Analytics and Applerouth Online

Our Analytics packages allow schools to administer full-length diagnostic tests at a time convenient for them. Students can score their tests instantly with our user-friendly platform and receive scores and detailed analyses right away. Similarly, Applerouth Online gives you insight into student performance. You can see an entire class’s success and trouble areas and more.

On-Campus or Online Prep

We provide on-campus and online educational group classes for your students on everything from the Digital SAT and ACT to Academic Tutoring, and more. You can also utilize our on-campus admissions testing groups, customized to the needs of your school and students.

The Team

When a group of people come together with one passion, it sets the stage for something extraordinary.

Jennifer Tongel
Director of K-12 Partnerships
Metro Atlanta, Southeast

Jennifer has been in the test prep and e-learning industry for over twelve years. Jennifer graduated from Virginia Tech and has also completed the College Counseling Certificate program from UCLA. As the Director of School Partnerships, Jennifer manages all of Applerouth's school and district relationships in Georgia.

Emma Vigneault
K-12 Partnerships Manager

An Atlanta native, Emma graduated from Davidson College with a BA in Political Science and Music. Since 2011, she has been tutoring students in the SAT and ACT, and is now our K-12 Partnerships Manager. She writes and edits print curriculum, creates online educational content, and lends her voice to all of our video content.


Take advantage of our resources. We love helping school and district leaders thrive.

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The August SAT is Closer Than It Appears

As summer approaches, Applerouth is here to help make sure the August SAT doesn’t sneak up on you. Especially for rising seniors aiming to finish testing before the application deadline, starting SAT prep as soon as possible is essential for success.

The Applerouth Team
min read

ACT Teams Up with Nexus Capital

Last month we delved into challenges facing ACT, Inc. Just days later, ACT announced a partnership with Nexus Capital Management LP, signaling a shift towards professional credentialing. This move, coupled with innovations like piloting a shorter test and expanding digital testing, marks a significant transformation for the company. Here’s what you need to know.

Jed Applerouth, PhD
min read

AI Will Soon Be Reading Your College Admissions Essays

As application numbers surge at elite schools, admissions offices face a daunting task of reading through countless personal statements and essays. AI offers a solution: automating essay evaluation. This month, Jed Applerouth, PhD takes a deep dive into the revolution in AI-led essay-reading that’s already underway.

Jed Applerouth, PhD
min read

Get Ready, APs Are Going Digital

The College Board's successful transition of the SAT from paper to digital administration paves the way for AP exams to follow suit. In May 2025, nine APs, some of the most popular exams, will go exclusively digital, affecting 46% of all administered exams. Read more for the details and to find out what this means for your student.

Jed Applerouth PhD
min read

Four Ways to Self-Start Your Summer

Discovering meaningful summer opportunities if you haven’t yet solidified your plans is never a lost cause! In this article, we share our best self-starter ideas for students still wanting to add a productive activity to their summer.

The Applerouth Team
min read

Cornell Is Next in Line to Reinstate Testing Requirements

In late April, Cornell joined the ranks of Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Brown, Caltech and U.T. Austin in its decision to reinstate testing requirements. Here are the key updates.

Jed Applerouth, PhD
min read

The ACT Needs a Makeover, and May be Getting One Soon

ACT, Inc. recently announced an option for students to take a shorter digital version of the ACT during the June 2024 administration. Does this indicate larger changes ahead for the ACT, and if so, what might they look like?

Jed Applerouth, PhD
min read

Insights from the March SAT: What Test-Takers Need to Know

The College Board has successfully transitioned from the static paper SAT of old to the digital adaptive SAT. Here’s what we learned from the first administration—from how students should prepare for the Math section to how they should manage their time.

The Applerouth Curriculum Team
min read

What We’ve Learned about Test-Optional and Test-Required Admissions

With several highly selective universities announcing their return to test-required admissions in recent weeks, Jed Applerouth, PhD dives into what we understand now about the future of college admissions testing.

Jed Applerouth, PhD
min read



These two college admissions tests have a lot of unique facets. Each will give your student a different testing experience, so it's important to choose carefully. This guide can help.

Educators, parents, students
Last updated
November 2023

AP Guide

AP courses can be intimidating. We get it. We're here to shine a light and show students there's no monster--and empower you to check for yourself next time.

Educators, parents, students
Last updated
November 2023

EF Tips

Executive functioning is a core set of skills that can determine someone's big picture success. If things feel tough, let's hack EF together.

Educators, parents, students
Last updated
January 2024

All Items

Whether you're a parent looking for academic support for your child or an IEC in search of the best resources for your students, we have something for you.

Educators, parents, students
Last updated
May 2024

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