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Mental Health: The Value of Human Connection

Posted by Jed Applerouth, PhD on May 9, 2023 in Education, Featured, Jed Said

A couple of weekends ago I was running around one of the Atlanta Spring festivals, holding my three-year old daughter’s hand, trying to find a vendor who could spare a pair of scissors: I needed to cut down the plastic wrapping on my daughter’s popsicle, which was preventing a fountain of popsicle melt from cascading down her spring dress. The vendor, who sold fabric crafts, handed over a pair of shears, and reflected how she wished she were still dealing with those kinds of problems. She shared about her 10-year old daughter and the very difficult conversations she has had to have of late. With her young daughter, things have gotten very adult, very challenging, very quickly, and she missed the more innocent times, the days of popsicles and spring dresses.

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