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PSAT Scores Are Back – Now What?

Posted by Natalie Murphree on December 12, 2017 in Featured, Test Prep

Remember the PSAT examination that you took back in October? Scores are finally here! After 9 weeks of waiting, test takers nationwide can now access their scores on their College Board accounts. For information on how to access the scores, review the instructions provided by the College Board at this link.

Now that your scores are here, you may be wondering where to go next. For sophomores or younger students, you can gauge your current level of performance and begin planning for the all-important junior year. For juniors, your scores will be much more important. You can use the scores to help make decisions about whether to pursue the SAT or ACT for official college admission examinations, or you may be in the top 50,000 test takers who will qualify for some form of National Merit Commendation. Read on to learn about what to do next!

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