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What to Do After the PSAT

Posted by Natalie Murphree on October 12, 2017 in Featured, Test Prep

For many students, the PSAT is the first exposure to nation-wide college admissions testing. The PSAT is a slightly shorter, slightly easier version of the SAT, and can be a great tool for scholarships and as a diagnostic test for the official SAT. Now that the PSAT is behind you, what should you do next? If you are a Junior, you are now entering a critical phase in the college admissions process. You need to begin to make plans and set up your testing timeline now – spring of Junior Year is a busy time, so planning now will ensure you are well prepared for the college admissions process. Failure to plan now can limit your options come Senior year, and can add unnecessary stress to a process that is already quite stressful. By planning ahead and setting deadlines for yourself, you can maximize your standardized test scores, minimize stress, and be fully prepared for application season during Senior year.

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