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August SAT

August SAT: Summer Testing is Around the Corner

Posted by Jed Applerouth, PhD on May 5, 2017 in Admissions, Featured, Jed Said, Test Prep

Students across the country are registering for the upcoming August 26 SAT.  The August test is certain to be popular with students as it affords them the opportunity to prepare for and take an official SAT free from the academic rigors of junior year and first-semester senior year.  Across our national markets, we’ve seen a significant spike in demand for tutoring for the August test, and we’ve heard similar feedback from other tutoring shops across the country.  In light of the heightened interest in August testing, our colleague, Nancy Greisemer, has raised the concern that the College Board may not be offering enough physical seats to meet the demand for this test. The number of available testing locations is significantly lower in August than in October, which may lead the August test takers to have to travel far afield of their preferred testing sites to secure a spot.

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