Get motivated and organized to thrive.

Master six core skills that form the foundation of success.

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What does EF encompass?

Let's break down these crucial skills, and all the subskills involved. These can make a big impact on your learning experience.


  • Setting goals
  • Prioritizing
  • Time management
  • Breaking big assignments into smaller tasks


  • Creating and maintaining schedules/routines
  • Using calendars + planners
  • Keeping track of information + materials


  • Shifting attention from tasks you like to ones you don't
  • Keeping attention on a situation or task in spite of distractions or boredom
  • Working memory - keeping information in mind to complete a task


  • Making changes when needed
  • Adjusting to obstacles, setbacks, new information, or mistakes
  • Tolerating unexpected changes in plans


  • Getting motivated + starting tasks
  • Sticking with a task or project to meet a goal
  • Managing emotions + anxiety
  • Controlling impulses
  • Handling frustration
  • Self-awareness/self-reflection


  • Knowing when you need help
  • Asking for help
  • Finding helpful people, tools, or resources
  • Knowing your strengths + weaknesses

Is EF Coaching the Answer?

Students with lagging EF skills can experience grades that don’t meet their potential, low academic confidence, and lack of motivation. We can help you break the cycle. Our EF Coaches work with a wide range of students in grades 4 through 12 and college, including:

  • Students with demanding schedules
  • Gifted and twice-exceptional (“2e’) students
  • Students with ADHD, LDs (like dyslexia), or autism

Take a Quiz

Take the short quiz below to assess your student’s executive function skills.

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Schedule a Consultation

Talk with a Program Director to learn more about executive functioning and your student's needs.

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Start a Coaching Plan

Follow a schedule of weekly,
30 to 45-minute coaching sessions.

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"Our coach has been great at helping my son with strategies on how to stay organized, plan for the future, and remember what he has due/to do. She has managed to help my son do all of this without making him feel anxious or overwhelmed - he seems to feel more confident and in control."
Frances W., EF Coaching Parent
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“My Applerouth coach ​​helped me realize that when I'm put together and organized, school really is not that difficult.”

Applerouth Student, El Paso, TX

“My son started planning his homework better and his grades immediately improved, thus helping him feel better about himself and his abilities.”

EF Coaching parent, Spring

“My only regret is not finding this service earlier in the academic year.”

EF Coaching Parent, Spring

Applerouth's Process

From advisement to post-service follow up, we come alongside you on your journey.

1. Craft a plan.

Schedule an appointment with a Program Director to discuss which of our learning experiences would work best for you.

2. Tutor matching.

Get matched to the perfect tutor for you, based on learning needs, personality, and educational goals.

3. Start learning.

Make leaps and bounds in whatever it is you need help with the most - and then some. Get ready to feel more confident by the end.

Ready for super-helpful EF Tips?

We’re way ahead of you – and we have just the thing. Download our one-pager for the perfect visual guide.

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Skill Quiz

Take the short quiz below to assess your student’s executive function skills.

Discover more learning strategies.

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