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Find out how Applerouth works with Educational Consultants. Take advantage of the resources and knowledge of our Partnerships Team. They'd love to answer your questions.

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How We Help Educational Consultants

We use our resources to empower you in every way we can. From personalized landing pages and mock tests to hosting presentations and more, Applerouth loves supporting you so you can help more students achieve their dreams. We share your passion for guiding them along their academic journey. Let's work together.

A Personalized Digital Experience

As an Applerouth partner, you'll get an online dashboard where you can track your students' prep progress and test results. We make personalized landing pages + practice tests. We'll take care of every detail from online registration to providing test materials to hosting a webinar exclusively for your clients on interpreting their results.

The Educator Webinar Series

Applerouth's webinars focus on the issues concerning educators like you. We help you offer the best advice and support to your students and their families. Attend in real time so you can ask questions of our panel of experts, or watch a recording in your own time.

Presentations and Materials for your Clients

We'd love to host an event for you and your colleagues at a regional affinity meeting, or speak to your clients about issues in standardized testing. Applerouth also offers a variety of materials for your office and families at no charge.

“I confidently recommend Applerouth tutors to my students and families because of their consistently strong and quantifiable results.”
Jane Klemmer, Independent Educational Consultant, NY
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Expert Articles

We have a team built on decades of experience, and they have a thing or two to say.

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Your Dedicated Partnerships Team

You have your own Partnership Director who will serve as your primary point of contact. That's best-in-class service.

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Free Events & Webinars

Free events and strategy sessions to help you guide your students along the educational journey.

Get your ‘Seed’ of quarterly knowledge.

Keep up with the latest in education with Applerouth’s quarterly newsletter! 'The Seed' is where the value we bring Educational Consultants goes even deeper. It's our educational newsletter, created just for you. Each quarter, you'll get expert insight on what's happening within the industry. It's a seamless way to stay in-the-know.

“After referring clients to other test preparation companies for years and being disappointed with either the level of instruction or general customer service, we discovered Applerouth. Since, we have referred dozens of students to Applerouth for SAT and ACT prep as well as academic tutoring. And the results have been fantastic.”
Scott Hamilton, Independent Educational Consultant, CA
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"You guys make a difference. Results plus that bond with the tutor."

Caroline Brokaw Tucker, Independent Educational Consultant, CT

"Results are fantastic, but when a tutor can really connect with a student, then the student's confidence can be built. When both of these things happen, that is a homerun."

Lisa Franklin Smith, Independent Educational Consultant, Atlanta

"The kids have not just great results but also a great experience."

Marsha Comegno, Independent Educational Consultant, NJ

The Team

We have something in common: we love what we do. We know that when a group of people come together with one passion, it sets the stage for something extraordinary. That's why we'd love to work with you and provide support that will benefit you and your students.

Jed Applerouth, PhD
Founder & President

Dr. Applerouth is a teacher, educational innovator, and our founder. A Nationally Certified Counselor with a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, Jed has researched student cognition, memory, motivation, and learning strategies to enhance Applerouth's pedagogical strategies. Jed continually seeks new ways to improve the methods and materials we use, researching the most innovative ways to keep his tutors on the cutting edge of the education industry.

Jenna Berk
Partnerships Director
D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia

Jenna is the Tutor Manager for DMV and IEC Account Manager. She graduated with distinction from the University of Virginia, earning a BA in English and Drama. She then traveled to London and earned a degree from LAMDA, after which she returned to the DC area to be closer to her family and decent Mexican food.

Melissa Pluchos
Partnerships Director
International, Chicago, Houston, Seattle, and North Carolina

Melissa is a BA graduate of Sewanee who earned her MA from the University of North Carolina. She has over 15 years of student services experience as a former Associate Athletic Director, Student-Athlete Services Director, and Test Prep Academic Advisor. Melissa joined Applerouth in 2020 as Director of IEC Partnerships. She enjoys working with Educational Consultants because, like them, she recognizes the importance of sound college planning and the impact of finding a good college fit.

Have a Student in Mind?

If you know someone who could use our support, send them our way!

Education, to its Core

The value we bring Educational Consultants goes even deeper with The Seed. This is our educational newsletter, created especially for you. Each quarter, get access to expert insight on whatever is happening within the industry. We make it easy for you to stay in-the-know.

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Customized Tutoring & Test Prep

Take advantage of Applerouth as a resource and solution to share with your students. Our clients have some great things to say about the tutoring and test prep services we offer, and the impact we've made in their school life and beyond.

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Free Strategy Sessions

If we have your email, we'll be sending you reminders for some incredible webinars we host every month, featuring top experts in the field. They're always relevant, supportive, and full of high-value advice for you and your students.

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Applerouth's Process

From advisement to post-service follow up, we come alongside you on your journey.

1. Craft a plan.

Schedule an appointment with a Program Director to discuss which of our learning experiences would work best for you.

2. Tutor matching.

Get matched to the perfect tutor for you, based on learning needs, personality, and educational goals.

3. Start learning.

Make leaps and bounds in whatever it is you need help with the most - and then some. Get ready to feel more confident by the end.


Take advantage of our resources. We love helping both students and educators thrive.

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ACT Announces Shorter Test with Optional Science Section – an Unqualified Win for Students

Beginning in spring 2025, the ACT will introduce a shorter, 2-hour test, making the Science section optional—a significant departure from the test’s roots. This change aims to compete with the digital SAT and provide students with more time per question, reducing potential fatigue and time-pressure. The new test will debut in an online format, potentially accelerating the ACT's transition to a broader adoption of digital assessments.

Jed Applerouth, PhD
min read

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Transitioning from Public to Private School

Transitioning to a private school? Discover essential tips to navigate this change smoothly and set yourself up for success. From staying organized and engaging with faculty to embracing hands-on learning and making the most of available resources, our guide will ensure you're well-prepared. Don't miss out on these valuable insights!

The Applerouth Team
min read

Get Ahold of Summer Screen Time

Kids might not think much of being glued to their phones all summer, but too much unregulated screen time has a cost. Phones (and their apps!) can distract from boredom and introspection, stifling creativity and self-awareness. This month, Jed Applerouth, Ph.D. explores the value of encouraging screen-free activities and modelling healthy device habits to foster deeper engagement and self-reflection.

Jed Applerouth, PhD
min read

How to Make the Most out of Summer Studying

Summer's in full swing, with students enjoying jobs, internships, and beach days, but the new school year is approaching quickly! Consistent, small efforts over the summer to maintain learning (and even level up!) can yield great results next year. Check out expert Applerouth tutor Kali’s best advice for how to make the most of your summer!

Kali Cawthon-Freels
min read

Craft Your Perfect Summer Testing Timeline

Now’s the time for rising Juniors to craft their test prep plans. Expert tutor Matthew Kiesner shares his advice for students beginning their testing journey – starting with a practice test!

Matthew Kiesner
min read

How Many AP Classes Should I Take?

Navigating course selection and wondering “How many AP classes should I take?" We have the answers! Consider your school's offerings, aim for a schedule you can commit to, and explore our AP Handbook for insights and strategies to ace your AP journey.

The Applerouth Curriculum Team
min read

Summer relaxation is here, but so is the opportunity for summer structure!

We know that, as IECs, you know your students best. We love that you have your eyes on them (and their goals) and can make sound and helpful suggestions to students and their families. In that spirit, here’s how Applerouth can help when students may need a little more substance in the remaining weeks of their summer.

Melissa Pluchos
min read

Stanford University Reinstates Test Requirements Effective Fall 2025 Admissions Cycle

Stanford University has become the most recent highly selective college to reinstate testing requirements for all students, beginning with the class of rising juniors. Here's what you need to know.

Jed Applerouth, PhD
min read

Rising Juniors, It’s Time to Take a Practice Test

As you enjoy the calm of summer before your Junior year starts, now is a great time to take both an SAT and ACT mock. Taking a mock test during summer allows you to better plan for a busy junior year.

Matthew Kiesner
min read



These two college admissions tests have a lot of unique facets. Each will give your student a different testing experience, so it's important to choose carefully. This guide can help.

Educators, parents, students
Last updated
November 2023

AP Guide

AP courses can be intimidating. We get it. Our guide will provide you with the tools and confidence to excel and tackle any AP subject.

Educators, parents, students
Last updated
June 2024

EF Tips

Executive functioning is a core set of skills that can determine someone's big picture success. If things feel tough, let's hack EF together.

Educators, parents, students
Last updated
January 2024

All Items

Whether you're a parent looking for academic support for your child or an IEC in search of the best resources for your students, we have something for you.

Educators, parents, students
Last updated
May 2024

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