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Tutoring Policies

Cancellation Policy

Tutor and client must give each other 24 hours to reschedule or cancel an appointment, otherwise the tutor owes the client a make-up session or the client pays for the tutor's reserved time. If a group does not register the minimum number of students, parents will be notified 72 hours before the first class and offered a similar service of equal or greater value.


In order to confirm an appointment for private tutoring, payment must be received at least 24 hours prior to the session. Otherwise, Applerouth makes no guarantee on the availability of your tutor.

Applerouth makes the best effort to contact the student or their parents at least 24 hours in advance of a scheduled tutoring session or mock test. We can not guarantee the delivery of any automated reminder. It is the student's responsibility to keep up with their schedule and communicate changes/conflicts with their tutor.


We do not offer refunds for our services. We create a plan designed to help students based on our successful track record and offer guaranteed results for certain packages and complimentary tutoring if these guaranteed goals aren't met. While we strive to prepare students to the best of our ability for their standardized testing, it is impossible to predict the outcome of a test ahead of time.

Late Payments

We reserve the right to apply late fees and suspend tutoring for late payment. If you have a question about your bill, or you have a dispute with the charges in your current statement, please contact us.

What is the Higher Score Guarantee?

We believe in our tutors' abilities so much that we guarantee a higher score or we will work with you to help you hit your increase. With our Higher Score Guarantee, students who do not achieve an increase will receive complimentary tutoring in preparation for the next official test.

Do I qualify for the Higher Score Guarantee?

In order to qualify for the Higher Score Guarantee, students must:

  • Complete at least 20 hours of private test prep towards the ACT or SAT
  • Complete, on average, at least 80% of the weekly assigned homework
  • Complete baseline score requirements before tutoring begins
  • Complete at least 2 additional mock tests prior to the official test
  • Take an official test no later than one month after tutoring ends
  • Submit official score reports to

Students do not need to purchase all of their tutoring hours at once to qualify. As soon as a student completes at least 20 hours ACT or SAT tutoring and fulfills the other stated requirements, s/he is eligible to receive the full benefits of the guarantee.

A student's highest official score or Applerouth mock test result prior to tutoring is considered the baseline for measuring improvement. All Applerouth mock tests are past official SAT or ACT tests and are not written by Applerouth. PSAT and PreACT results are useful for estimates, but are not allowable for determining guaranteed results. We cannot guarantee higher than a 1500 SAT or 33 ACT composite final score.

In order to see the full benefit of tutoring, we strongly recommend students take the test for which they are preparing no later than one month after their final tutoring sessions.

Privacy Policy

Applerouth recognizes the importance of keeping the personal information we collect private. We do not provide any of your information to other companies or organizations for any reason.