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Academic Rigor and the AP Dilemma

Posted by Jed Applerouth, PhD on May 15, 2019 in Admissions, Featured, Jed Said

The Advanced Placement program has had a profound impact on the American high school curriculum. Since its humble beginnings in 1955 – when some 1,200 students took a mere 2,200 exams – the AP has grown into a juggernaut, dominating the high school landscape: in 2018 over 2.8 million students from over 22,000 high schools took an eye-popping 5,090,324 AP exams. This week, millions of students across the country will be taking one of the 38 distinct AP exams. Many students hope to secure a high enough score to gain college credit or impress admissions officers, while others are simply filling in bubbles and writing soliloquies to pass the hours of the exam. 

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