Implementing 2022 Survey Takeaways into your IEC Practice

Applerouth’s annual survey of IECs has historically generated several good ideas for us to implement in our ongoing efforts to help you help your students navigate their education journey. Given that The Seed itself was inspired by your survey responses several years ago, it is only fitting that in this issue of The Seed, we share a few of your great ideas that we have already put into practice. Keep the suggestions coming at!

  1. The multiple (and inconsistent) ways that colleges are interpreting test optional policies are giving you feelings (not all of them good ones) and you would like to get the facts instead. We hear you that the Common Data Set and admissions websites can feel too vague at times and colleges don’t have much incentive to release their own admissions data. At the HECA Conference in June, Ginger hosted a live “Submit or Don’t Submit” panel featuring DC-based IEC Jeff Knox along with Dr. Jennifer Ziegenfus, Director of Recruitment at CU-Boulder, and Hillary Dickman, Assistant Director of Admission at Colorado College, which was an amazing opportunity to hear directly from the colleges just how complicated their work can be. And, as you requested, Jed took a data dive in an attempt to answer the question so many of you have been asking this admissions cycle: Do Test Scores Give an Admission Advantage?
  2. Another takeaway from the survey is that you want your students to have scores available in case they may add value to an application, according to a student’s unique circumstances, perspectives and feelings about their scores. For us here at Applerouth, that process always starts with taking a mock test, establishing a baseline, and with an insightful and thorough score report in hand, analyzing those results to determine what role test preparation may play and the best timeline for testing. It’s not too late for your students to take advantage of our July Jumpstart event, which includes free mock tests this weekend as well as informational sessions for both parents and students. Thank you for spreading the word about this free program.
  3. Finally, it is clear that the pandemic and its aftermath have taken a toll on the mental wellness of your students. We are kicking off a Mental Health Webinar Series for Teens tonight and we would be delighted for you and your clients to join us in these important conversations. Tonight, Jed will be presenting on Teens + Tech. Talks on Teens + Friends and Teens + Anxiety will follow on August 1 and August 31, respectively. More information and registration is available here:

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