Class of 2022 Testing & Timelines: A Conversation with Clear Directions & Dr. Jed Applerouth

Looking ahead with hope for a widely available vaccine this spring and summer, we expect students will be able to demonstrate the work they have done to prepare for standardized tests – but the demand for seats will be high and the runway shorter, so students and parents will need to plan ahead. Join Clear Directions and Dr. Jed Applerouth for a deep dive into what lies ahead for the Class of 2022 and beyond when it comes to standardized testing.

  • When is the right time for a junior to start prep?
  • Will the ACT or SAT move to computer-based testing next year?
  • When will ACT section retesting be available?
  • What does test optional really mean?
  • Will schools that have been test optional for the Class of 2021 remain so next year?

We look forward to the hour of conversation on Thursday, February 18th at 6:30pm ET.

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We hope to see you there!

Dr. Jed Applerouth & The Clear Directions Team


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