Brie Jeweler-Bentz: The School Counseling Group

Founded in 1979, The School Counseling Group (SCG) assists individuals and families seeking advice on matters of education, emotional growth and school placement pertaining to colleges, universities and gap year programs; day, boarding, and post-graduate schools; special needs, emotional growth and therapeutic schools and programs — locally, nationally and internationally.

Experience– Collectively, our consultants have logged well over 100 years in a variety of settings as teachers, administrators, counselors and coaches. We take pride in our capacity to collaborate as a diverse team of counselors operating together under one roof within a shared mission. When you work with any one of us, you are supported by the experience and wisdom of the entire team.

Compassion– Founder, Ethna Hopper, is widely lauded as a visionary educational counselor, having guided thousands of families with her rare combination of compassion, creativity, integrity and practiced good judgment. This balanced approach still informs the quality and spirit of the work carried on since 2001 under the direction of Peter Sturtevant.

Process– Our role is to understand, not to judge, each client who works with us. A unique, professional relationship begins with a complete and thoughtful analysis of needs and shared objectives. We search the deeper meanings beneath success or failure as possible clues to personal growth and self fulfillment, and we undertake this journey in a spirit of partnership and discovery.

SCG offers our clientele the most comprehensive and dynamic education consulting services available in the Greater Washington area, differentiated from others by our client-centered, process-led and relationship-grounded approach.

Brie Jeweler-Bentz


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