What Makes Our Tutors Better

Applerouth’s ability to provide high-quality, score-increase focused results depends on our tutors. In the past our initial training has been extremely rigorous, while our ongoing tutor development was less structured. To help ensure that our tutors set the standard for content mastery as well as instructional method mastery, we are making a few adjustments.

Our new training and continuing tutor education model is designed to support and expand our tutors’ existing skill sets. Although our initial training of 30 hours is already demanding, we are formalizing our “shadowing” component. Before a new tutor begins working with students, he or she will first watch one of our most experienced tutors teach a few lessons. This apprenticeship model is meant to build camaraderie among our tutors, while developing the new tutor’s skills.

In addition to shadowing other tutors, all of our tutors will be encouraged to attend ongoing development workshops. Even the most experienced, record-setting tutor has areas where he or she can improve. Our development workshops will concentrate on teaching methodology and higher level SAT and ACT topics. For example, one workshop will cover advanced critical reading and what it will take to help students score in the 700s. Another valuable topic will be motivating students to set aggressive goals and plan for success.

We wish to maintain and expand on our existing culture of continuous improvement. Tutors who ask themselves the self-reflective questions often have a contagious intensity to help their students achieve even higher scores. Some of the essential questions are “How could I have explained that even more clearly?” or “What was the error in my student’s thought process, and how can I bring that error to his attention in a way that helps him avoid it next time?”

To a large extent, Applerouth’s reputation, results, and relationships rest in the hands of our tutors. Those tutors whom we hand select to represent us must meet lofty expectations in terms of client satisfaction, results, and a relentless desire to become even more effective. All of this structured initial training, shadowing, and follow-up training is designed to provide our clients with an unbeatable tutoring experience.

Applerouth is a trusted test prep and tutoring resource. We combine the science of learning with a thoughtful, student-focused approach to help our clients succeed. Call or email us today at 202-558-5644 or info@applerouth.com.