Summer: Fun in the sun and a chance to get ahead!

With April behind us, the end is in sight for high school students nationwide. Whether you’re finished with school in May or June, the time has come to start stocking up on suntan lotion, inflatable beach balls and SAT flash cards….

Whoops, did we spoil the fun?

Of course you should have fun this summer, you’ve worked hard and deserve it! But at the same time, you can’t forget to keep your eye on the ball. Juniors should be preparing for final visits to colleges, writing their college essays and submitting applications in the fall. Sophomores aren’t off the hook either, and if you’re planning on going to college, you need to start getting ready for the SAT or ACT this fall.

Your last chance for a spring SAT test, SAT Subject tests or ACT test is June. There’s still time to prepare if you act soon; contact us and we’ll customize a game plan specifically for you. We’ve recently lowered our prices for SAT Subject tutoring ($65-$85) and house calls for any type of tutoring ($10/hr).

If you’re planning on getting ready for the fall SAT we have our Signature Small Groups and larger SAT 101 Classroom groups starting in June. Students looking to prepare for the SAT and the PSAT at the same time will be interested in our PSAT/SAT Combo Courses starting in July. If summer plans interfere with the group dates or you’d prefer private tutoring, we can create a flexible schedule just for you.

Also, it’s not too late for AP exam students, either! We have Biology and Chemistry final reviews this Sunday and private tutoring is available for all other tests as well.

Enjoy your summer! (but don’t get behind…)

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