New SAT Score Reporting

Have you ever bombed an SAT and hoped to a higher power that the college of your dreams knows nothing about it? Well, previously there was nothing you could do short of canceling the entire test to prevent this from happening. However, the SAT is now changing its Score Reporting Procedure. Starting with the March 2009 test, students can choose to send only certain scores to universities as opposed to sending their entire history. Students can specify which sitting–exam date–they send to which colleges. This new option will be offered without additional cost and is also possible for SAT Subject Tests. The one hitch is that the College Board won’t let you pick your top Reading score and your top Math score and send them together if they came from different sittings. If this is the case, then you will have to send the complete scores from both test dates. For further information, visit the College Board‘s Web site.

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