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Read what others are saying about Applerouth Tutoring.

I was not only thrilled with Applerouth and the work they've done, but also with my daughter's assigned tutor. She is such a prize and is a phenomenal, phenomenal tutor. I cannot speak highly enough of her.

Heritage High School parent

My daughter's tutor was outstanding. Not only was she an excellent teacher, she went out of her way to provide support and boost my daughter?s confidence. We were more than satisfied with our experience. She is an extremely knowledgeable and capable tutor.

St. Stephen's & St. Agnes School parent

You worked with my daughter, to improve her ACT scores, and boy did they improve! She took the September test and her composite score was 32, a huge jump from both the original mock exam that she took (23). She can now confidently apply to any of the colleges on her current list of choices.

Laurel Highlands HS parent

My daughter's sessions with her tutor improved her academic skill set on a longer term basis. It was more than just a temporary bump in her performance.

Texas parent

My client from Hong Kong improved her SSAT scores from 78 to 96 percentile based on Applerouth coaching. Parents are very happy, as am I!

New York Tri-State Area IEC

My son told me he is very happy with his tutor and feels he has improved already. I am very pleased with his tutor and glad he is enjoying the challenge of improving his skills.

West Potomac High School parent

We couldn't have asked for a better tutor. She has really gone out of her way to help my son understand the various testing strategies. It's so encouraging to see him look forward to taking the SAT now that he feels more confident with his testing abilities.

Campbell High School parent

I would highly recommend my tutor. His advice, tips, and tutoring helped me raise my ACT English score from a 23 to a 35.


I am grateful to my son's tutor for all the time and effort she spent tutoring him in Algebra Trig. Her work not only increased his content knowledge, but also bolstered his self confidence - both in math and in general.

John Jay High School parent

We can't thank our son's tutor enough for being the perfect support for him.

Blessed Trinity High School parent

Jed has been the most help to all of us. I thank him for his webinar and guiding us all to the salient points. I admire his genuine and long-term interest in testing and respect the quality of his work.

Chattahoochee High School College Counser

I learned so much, all the review over each practice test helped me understand what I was doing wrong and why. The sessions were helpful and long enough to cover everything, but not too long that I lost focus.


My daughter's tutor has done a wonderful job. I really appreciate him and this opportunity.

Online Tutoring parent

My son's tutor has made him go from hating math to loving it. After working with her, he now has a 95 in the class, and his whole perspective on the subject has changed!

John Jay High School parent

My daughter and I really enjoy her tutor. She is a take charge person without being too pushy and melded well with my daughter's personality. I really appreciate her ability to help her with her school efforts.

Chattahoochee High School parent

I've been pressing my families to contact Applerouth, because the tutoring and results are unsurpassed. They always give my students the attention they need and make sure to communicate with me. It makes a difference!

Online Tutoring IEC

We were very pleased with the increase in my daughter's SAT score. I am definitely a fan of Applerouth.

Stanton College Preparatory School parent

While my daughter was doing her school's Math homework, she was smiling, saying Math has never been so easy for her before. She said her tutor is doing such a wonderful job, that she is finally comfortable with the subject. Her tutor is really making a difference in her life.

Milton High School parent

Jed's presence and presentation were highlights of my conference experience. I never leave one of his presentations without something new to ponder.

Online Tutoring IEC

My daughter got into Trinity School and The Bronx High School of Science. Trinity School gave her a full scholarship. Her SSAT score was in the 97th percentile. Thank you, Applerouth, for helping!

St. Hilda's & St. Hugh's parent

I could never have improved without my tutor!

Online Tutoring student

I feel exponentially more confident in regards to the upcoming SAT. I have nothing to offer except praise and thanks. My tutor's strategies and energy encouraged me to elevate my work ethic to succeed.


My son took his SAT in August. I am pleased to report that he got 1600. He believes that his tutor's personalized instruction was very helpful in learning the material.

Lakeside School Parent

My kids both got into all schools and were very well prepared for college. Applerouth is really worth it in the long run to save on tuition (HOPE), get scholarship money, or have a better chance of getting into goal schools.

Rome High School parent

My client from Hong Kong improved her SSAT scores from 78 to 96 percentile based on her tutor's coaching.
Her parents are very happy, as am I!

New York Tri-State Area IEC

My son's tutor has been wonderful. He feels confident and prepared for the SAT, so we're hoping for the best! We're very happy we chose Applerouth to tutor him.

Online Tutoring parent

My son's tutor is awesome, and we had such a great experience. In just the 4 short hours, his tutor really showed him how to take tests. His scores increased significantly, and we are so thankful for his help and how he worked with my son to get him excited about studying.

Reno High School parent

My son got a 36 composite score on the ACT! His tutor is a miracle worker.

Garfield High School parent

My daughter's tutor is absolutely awesome! As a parent, I love the detailed emails she sends, and I really appreciate the effort that she puts into each report.

Wheeler High School parent

Out tutor was fantastic! Patient, inspiring, efficient and effective, and managed to make the process less painful. Thank you!


My tutor has been wonderful. I can't thank him enough.

Milton High School student

Our tutor has been great with my daughter in preparing for the SAT exam. He is very patient and encouraging and that has been exactly what she needed. Great job!


My daughter's tutor is wonderful. Of the 3 tutors my daughter has, she has been her favorite.

Rome High School parent

From now on, you are my go-to tutoring company. Thanks for taking such good care of my students.

New York Tri-State Area IEC

I got 5's on all 3 AP's I took! I really must thank my tutor, because all of the practice tests truly prepared me to take on the tests.

Online Tutoring student

My son's tutor is a consummate professional. He's extremely bright, personable and confident. He has been an excellent fit for my son. They get along quite well. I have every confidence that my son will increase his SAT scores thanks to working with his tutor.

Holy Innocents' Episcopal School parent

I am thrilled and got exactly what I was hoping for. My daughter's tutor worked so hard, and I rave about her to everyone!

Online Tutoring parent

I am really happy with my daughter's tutor, and she is just the calm presence that my daughter needs at this stressful time. My daughter feels really comfortable talking to her and working through her test prep!

Jensen Beach High School parent

My client wrote about how pleased she is with a tutor from your company. She wrote: "It?s so refreshing to have something positive to say about a tutoring company! We are so grateful to you for giving us the name."

New York Tri-State Area IEC

My daughter and her tutor are a perfect match! They work hard together every session. She is very happy about learning not only about the strategies, but also any knowledge she needs to get for a better score on test day. We really like the reports provided by her tutor after each session.

Hilton Head Island High School parent

My daughter's score on the critical reading portion of the SAT rose from 690 to 720 -- exactly the sort of result that we had hoped for. She was accepted early action to Princeton.

Online Tutoring parent

Thank you so much to my daughter's tutor for his hard work. I am very happy with her ACT score. It shows that her tutoring sessions with him had the major role in her score increase.

Lakeside High School parent

Whatever my son's tutor is doing for him is magic. She is the answer to getting him through two more years of high school math.

John Jay High School parent

My son was accepted into his school of choice. He was always excited to go to his Applerouth tutoring sessions. His tutors were wonderful, and I recommend Applerouth whenever possible.

Online Tutoring parent

I raised my Superscore by a lot! I got an 800 in reading which makes my best score R 800, M 760, and W 730. Total 2290.

Online Tutoring student

I can't thank my daughter's tutor enough for all his hard work! I am so happy with her improvement on the ACT. I am sold on Applerouth!

St. Vincent's Academy parent

Thanks so much to my tutor for all of the support and hours spent tutoring me. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do it, but she was there for me.

Online Tutoring student

Out tutor was a treasure- always on time, prepared and always knew just what was needed to produce the best results during every session.

On both a professional and personal level, the tutor made our experience life changing and memorable to say the least.


My daughter's SAT tutor is amazing! My daughter got 780 in Math (99th percentile) along with 750 in Critical Reading (98th percentile). The practice sessions with her tutor over the past six months have certainly paid off.

International parent

My son acknowledges that his tutor's assistance and insights have been very helpful in seeing his study errors.

Edison High School parent

I would like to thank my tutor from the deepest realms of my heart for his assistance. I met my goal of a 30 on the ACT, and it's all thanks to the preparation he put me through!

Holy Innocents' Episcopal School student

My son's tutor is excellent.

Blessed Trinity High School parent

My daughter's tutor is the best. I don't know how we got so lucky to have her in our lives. It seemed so scary figuring out the ACT tutoring, and it intimidated me to use an online tutoring service. But in the end, she was the best!

Collingwood School parent

My daughter's tutor is SO smart, nice, encouraging, and positive.

Academy of the Holy Cross parent

Not only was my daughter's tutor very professional and punctual, but her engaging personality made my daughter actually look forward to being tutored! I'm happy to recommend Applerouth to all my friends.

Brandon Hall School parent

My son's tutor was great help for the ACT!

Oakton High School parent

Thank you for your expert tutoring for the ACT and Subject Tests! My only regret is that we didn't connect sooner. You were a huge help, and my daughter is so excited to be studying architecture at her top choice school.


My son's tutor is great! We have been very pleased with the level of service, professionalism and the personal experience she has provided.

Bullis School parent

My daughter scored 800 on Math SAT and Math 2! It must have been her tutor!

Lakeside School parent

My daughter's PSAT and SAT tutor is outstanding. I feel confident, and I know she has received the best preparation money can buy.

Blessed Trinity High School parent

My daughter struggled with standardized testing, but after working with her tutor, she was able to get her GRE score into the range she needed for UGA's vet school.

Atlanta Metropolitan Area parent

Working with Applerouth and my son's tutor has been a fantastic experience.

Georgia State University parent

My daughter's tutor was clear on his directions, had good pacing, gave her time to to respond, and gave good confirmation of her answers. I could hear her getting more and more comfortable and more confident. I couldn't be happier.

Online Tutoring parent

I am so delighted with how the tutoring is going. My daughter's tutor is fabulous!

Alpharetta High School parent

I owe my success to my tutor and the Applerouth book. Everyone would benefit from reading the example essays in the Applerouth writing section!

Atlanta International School student

Thanks to my son's tutor and all of his wonderful tutoring and support, my son got into his first choice college. His tutor really made the difference with him getting such great SAT scores. He was patient, phenomenal, and a big part of my son getting into college!

Yorktown High School parent

My son is being tutored for the PSAT and SAT, and the tutoring is going beautifully. I'm very impressed with how his tutor conducts the entire tutoring experience. Great work has been done, and I'm very satisfied.

Wheeler High School parent

I am VERY impressed with how organized and informative Applerouth and its tutors are about sharing information, particularly how comprehensively everything is noted within my son's account on the Applerouth website. A great way to track his progress.

South Lakes High School parent

My son's tutor has been wonderful. He is clearly a gifted teacher and a lovely human being - the perfect role model for a teenage boy! With his help, my son raised his score 320 points!!!! He is the best!!!

Paideia School parent

My daughter's tutor rocks! I really appreciate her help and desire to see my daughter succeed!

Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area parent

My son is very excited about his tutor! We are thrilled!

Mount Vernon Presbyterian School parent

My daughter scored a 1580! With 7-6-8 on the essay as the icing on the cake! Needless to say, we are ecstatic. Our daughter is telling everyone that Applerouth, and our premium tutor in particular, made all the difference.


My daughter's tutor was wonderful and we owe her a lot. She was an excellent tutor and was always very professional. Without her, my daughter would not have done as well as she did.

Hewitt School parent

Everything is great. We love my daughter's tutor!

Commonwealth Academy parent

My daughter has the most amazing tutor. She excels in all areas, has a great attitude, and has tremendous enthusiasm. Her different approaches to learning are invaluable.

South Lakes High School parent

My son spoke so highly of his tutor and enjoyed his class greatly. After being in the class the first few weeks, he took the SAT and achieved the score he needed plus 30 additional points! I never would have imagined he would have achieved such success on the SAT in such a short period of time.

Whitefield Academy parent

My son is really enjoying his SAT Signature Small Group. Math has been his biggest challenge, but I am happy he is starting to understand it. We are excited about how the class is going, and my son is very positive about it. We love his tutor and the way he conducts the class!

Woodward Academy parent

My daughter went up to a 23 composite from 21, with three point rises in Math and Science. I really appreciated her tutor's friendly, flexible approach. I will be recommending her and Applerouth to my friends.

The Siena School parent

My daughter was certainly excited to get her SAT scores. Her scores should make her application to UT fairly competitive. I can't thank her tutor enough for all that she has done for her.

Woodward Academy parent

I took the PSAT Master Class last year, and my PSAT score jumped 40 points, landing me a spot as a National Merit Semifinalist! My tutor's support and guidance got me to this point, and I couldn't thank him enough.

Holy Innocents' Episcopal School student

My daughter's tutor has been excellent. We appreciate her work and highly recommend her. She is going to make an A in her college Algebra class.

University of Georgia parent

I am beyond thrilled with my son's tutor. He is a perfect match for my son, and his approach keeps him engaged while being informative. Will recommend.

Paideia School parent

I did much better on the GRE, and I will be forever grateful for my tutor!

Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area student

My daughter's tutor is delightful! She moves things right along and was really helpful. I was concerned that just having four hours wouldn't make that much of a difference but it really has! The whole thing was a low-pressure experience, and I really liked how Applerouth handled everything.

Lakeside High School parent

I got a 31! Thank you so much - you alone probably got me thousands of dollars in scholarships. Thank you so much for staying determined with me!

Mountain Brook Student

My daughter really hit it off with her tutor. He inspires her to want to do the work. They are a great match.

Paideia School parent

My daughter is definitely an Applerouth success story. She is a National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist! I would recommend Applerouth to anyone. My daughter and I love her tutor.

Roswell High School parent

My daughter's tutor was a huge help. She also got a great scholarship offer based on her GPA.

Druid Hills High School parent

Many thanks to my daughter's tutor. She has learned a varied range of additional skills that she will take with her beyond the ACT.

Edison High School parent

I can't thank my son's tutor enough for her wonderful teaching and guidance. He enjoyed having her immensely, and I am sure her enthusiasm for teaching and learning helped him in more ways than just preparing for the ACT.

International parent

My son has really enjoyed working with his tutor. We have had such a positive experience with Applerouth!

West Potomac High School parent

My daughter's tutor is the perfect fit for her. I truly believe no one could have done a better job. She is so patience and kind-hearted!

Academy of the Holy Cross parent

My daughter's tutor is SUPERB.

Shady Side Academy parent

I just opened my scores and I'm SO HAPPY to say that I got a 1460! I was like, "wait, is this actually my account?"

My expectations have been exceeded by a long shot. Thank you for helping me achieve goals I didn't even know I was capable of!


We saw a really nice lift in my daughter's SSAT. We are pleased with what she learned and got from the time spent with her tutor as well as the assignments he gave her.

Charles E Smith Jewish Day School parent

My client said this about one of your tutors, "His Applerouth tutor is the best thing that?s happened to him. He works so hard for her and really enjoys his sessions. She now has expanded her tutoring to his Junior thesis, AP Gov and AP Lit. She is truly a blessing."

New York Tri-State Area IEC

My daughter is so happy with her tutor. He is great with her, he is patient and very motivating. She always ends the tutoring session with a big smile and feeling confident.

Haut-Lac International Bilingual School parent

We are pleased to say the least. My daughter just loved her tutor.

Woodward Academy parent

Thanks to my daughter's tutor and a boost to her scores, she?s poised to be the first person in our family to graduate from high school and the first person to go to college!

The Westminster Schools parent

I am currently on a bus touring schools with a lovely group of IEC?s from across the country, and we all agree that Applerouth is fabulous.

Atlanta Metropolitan Area IEC