Name Ask the Experts: Advice from Top College Admissions Directors
Date Mar 29 (Tue)
8:00pm EDT / 5:00pm PDT
Duration: 1h 00m
Location Online

Ginger Fay


Bring your questions about the college admissions process to our panel of experts! Students, parents/guardians, and educators are all welcome to join us for this highly informative session. Topics will include:

Testing: What does test optional really mean? How do colleges evaluate applications without test scores?

Classes & Grades: How do honors, AP, IB and dual enrollment classes factor into the process? Is the rigor of courses more important than grades or vice versa?

Extracurriculars: How should students use their time outside of school? Admissions officers talk about pursuing "passions" but how is a high school student supposed to already know what they love to do?

College Visits: With some colleges opening up to campus visitors, is it better to visit in person or remotely? How can students use their time on campus wisely?

Essays: What are colleges looking for in students' essays? Should you write about your experience during Covid in your essay?

Meet the Panel:

Rick Clark - Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Georgia Institute of Technology

Carol Lee Conchar - Regional Director of Admissions, The George Washington University

Shawn Felton - Executive Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Cornell University

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