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Name The Recruited Athlete: Admissions, Testing, Timelines
Date Nov 30 (Thu)
7:00pm EST / 4:00pm PST
Duration: 1h 00m
Location Online

Jed Applerouth


Harry Rosenholtz


Join Harry Rosenholtz as he walks you through the steps necessary to get recruited to play a sport in college. Harry has been helping student athletes for over 20 years and understands the entire recruiting process. He will be joined by Dr. Jed Applerouth who will be going over testing and how to navigate the college admissions process in general.

Learn about:

  • The Athletic Recruiting Timeline
  • How to properly position your son or daughter to the right colleges Athletic Scholarship, Financial Aid, Merit Aid- How they differ and where they overlap
  • Recruit versus Walk-on
  • Scholarship versus roster spot
  • Verbal Commitments - Myth versus reality
  • NCAA Basics - Compliance and Eligibility
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