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Build lifelong skills with an executive functioning coach

Executive functioning skills control a student's ability to plan, organize, and self-monitor. They make the difference between stress and success in middle school, high school, college, and beyond. Applerouth executive functioning coaches help students build these essential skills by providing the structure, training, accountability, and self-awareness needed to succeed.

Call 866-789-PREP (7737) to schedule a free diagnostic session.

Why focus on executive functioning?

Executive functioning skills are some of the last to fully develop in teens and young adults, and the related areas of the brain grow at different rates for every student. These "EF skills" are highly correlated with academic success, as they help students manage the process of completing assignments, studying, and test-taking:

  • Starting a new task
  • Impulse control
  • Working Memory
  • Planning & organization
  • Time management
  • Setting goals & prioritizing

Schedule your first session today

Applerouth advisors help identify your student's strengths and weaknesses through a free 30-minute diagnostic session. From there, we find the coach who is the best match for your student's particular needs and personality. Your Applerouth coach will provide:

  • Skill training through regular 1-on-1 sessions
  • Unlimited access and check-ins via text/email
  • Clear goal setting and accountability
  • Deeper understanding of what's holding back your student's academics and how to respond
Call 866-789-PREP (7737) to schedule a free 30-minute diagnostic session.