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Proven Methodology

With Applerouth, you get the smartest approach to test prep and tutoring. Our proprietary system uses the latest research in cognition, memory and motivation to help students achieve a higher level of academic success.

Start with a Clear Mission

Applerouth Tutoring was founded in 2001 by Jed Applerouth with a clear mission: develop a smarter approach to tutoring. We pride ourselves on extremely competent tutors who provide individual, need-based tutoring, focusing on the particular problem areas of each student, be they in content, study skills, test anxiety or motivational deficits. We teach our tutors to truly help.

Hire the Best and Make them Better

Our tutors have an average SAT score well above 1500 and among our ranks are valedictorians, salutatorians, National Merit scholars, and working professionals. Crucially, we recognize that learning and teaching are two different skills; therefore, we require that all of our tutors have teaching experience prior to working for Applerouth, as well as undergo comprehensive training before joining the team.

Research and Update Your Method

It’s only fair that we do our homework, too. Every year, we update our teaching methods and materials to incorporate current research in student meta-cognition, memory, test-anxiety, self-efficacy, motivation, and other aspects of learning. We then train our tutors to go “beyond the content”, teaching students to study effectively, manage stress, and pace themselves on test day.

Personalize a Plan for Each Student

The best advice is fully informed. We invest deeply in our relationships with the families we serve. We listen closely to parents to understand the specific needs of their children and craft an individualized plan toward achieving their educational goals. And finally, our tutors email a detailed summary after each tutoring session, to help parents keep up with their students’ progress.

Prove Success with Results

We use a rigorously data-driven approach to test prep. After every 6 to 8 hours of tutoring, each of our students takes a proctored, official practice test and receives detailed results. These results allow our students to track progress and enable our tutors to continually target sessions toward a student’s evolving learning needs. Students who complete 20 hours of private tutoring and at least 80 percent of their homework see an average score increase of 120 points on the SAT and 5 points on the ACT. Beyond score results, in 2017 Applerouth students were offered more than $13 million in merit-based scholarships.

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