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Why you should work at Applerouth

Founded in 2001, Applerouth Tutoring Services began in Atlanta as a local tutoring group and a labor of love. We've since grown into a flourishing national organization with more than 200 tutors and offices in Atlanta, DC, New York, Chicago, Seattle, and Houston. Our students come to us from all over the world and span the gamut from those in pursuit of perfect SAT scores to those struggling to overcome severe learning differences. While we've expanded our reach, we've retained our down-to-earth attitude and innovative approach to education.

We’ve built our business on the motto “Better Tutors. Better Results,” but this emphasis on the quality of our team extends well beyond our tutors. We are proud of the fact that our instructors, material creators, sales consultants, and service providers all outshine those of other companies in the industry.

A Brilliant Team

You'd be hard-pressed to find a more fun, creative, and intelligent group of people. We are committed to ensuring that all people who interact with Applerouth - parents, students, staff, contractors, partners, and vendors - are respected and valued holistically. We believe that diversity fuels innovation and education to new heights, and are committed to attracting and retaining students and staff from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and experiences.

Growth Potential

Our materials and tutoring methods are at the cutting edge of education, and our fantastic results and customer service have contributed to rapid growth year over year. Since we promote from within whenever possible, this translates into myriad opportunities for motivated employees.

Fantastic Benefits

For our full-time employees, Applerouth offers health/vision/dental insurance, a 401(k) retirement plan with company match, employer-provided long-term disability insurance, employer-provided short-term disability insurance, employer-provided life insurance, a generous vacation policy, and paid holidays.

Join our tutoring team

We educate students in grades K-12 and beyond. Our student-centered approach means we prioritize students' individual strengths, learning needs, and goals, incorporating current research on student cognition, memory, and motivation to get results. Among our tutors' ranks are scholars, educators, and working professionals working part-time or full-time to help students reach their potential. We pay starting tutors in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area $30-$35/hr. Anyone with a passion for learning and past teaching experience should apply to teach students online or in-person, providing one or more of our three branches of tutoring:

Academic Tutoring - Applerouth tutors help students catch up in everything from elementary school math and reading to high school physics and literature. Academic tutors typically meet once or twice a week, although tutors are encouraged to work with their students to find the optimal schedule for their needs.

Executive Function Coaching - Our "EF" coaches help students develop crucial skills like time management, organization, planning, and more to unlock greater success in school. Coaches typically meet once or twice a week for about thirty minutes each session to provide guidance and accountability as the student’s skills develop.

Test Prep Tutoring - Our test prep tutors help students prepare for the SAT, ACT, and other similar admissions tests in 1-on-1 sessions or in a classroom environment using Applerouth's industry-leading print and online curriculum. Test Prep tutors typically meet with students once a week for two hours, though schedules may vary. We require our test prep tutors to have SAT/ACT scores in the 99th percentile.

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply. Priority will be given to applicants able to tutor in‑person.

Employment Opportunities