Transitioning to High School: A Tool to Get Started

Melissa Pluchos
August 6, 2023
min read

The transition to 9th grade can be one of the most significant for a K-12 student, yet for most IECs focusing on college admissions, the time spent with students transitioning to high school can be more sporadic and less intensive than with older students. Perhaps you met to discuss course selection and summer activities several months ago, so the back to school season is likely navigated solo by the family who, hopefully, know you are available for resources and support if needed.

While each school has their own set of back to school to-dos ranging from technology use forms, field trip waivers, classroom supply lists and more, we at Applerouth know that once families navigate these tasks, the more comprehensive, long-term challenges await.

So how to help your families truly bridge this transition?

We developed this checklist for both students and parents to guide their thinking about what’s to come. We share it here so that you, the IEC, can gently remind families of the upcoming responsibilities, demands, and—let’s be frank—exciting opportunities of high school!

Get the checklist below:


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