The New Digital PSAT is Right Around the Corner

Matthew Kiesner
August 18, 2023
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The New Digital PSAT is Right Around the Corner

As part of the College Board’s plan to move to a digital adapted SAT in March 2024, this October’s PSAT/NMSQT will also be given in this new format. PSAT tests are practice tests designed to give students exposure to the types of questions that they will see on the official SAT.

Colleges do not see PSAT scores and do not make admissions decisions based on PSAT scores.The digital PSAT will continue its partnership with National Merit so a strong score could lead to some scholarship money. Additionally, some high schools may use the PSAT for placement in honors or AP courses.

This fall, the new digital PSAT will be the first opportunity for students in the US to experience College Board’s new testing experience (international students have been taking the digital SAT since March of this year). While qualifying for National Merit will always be challenging, students who have taken the time to familiarize themselves with the new test will have an advantage. This year, especially, taking a practice PSAT before the official PSAT makes a lot of sense.


Learn how to navigate the digital PSAT

Getting to know the format and timing of the digital PSAT will give students a key advantage. This allows students to jump in on test day and navigate the testing platform interface with ease. Additionally, this will reduce test anxiety, as familiarity with the interface will reduce possible confusion while testing.


Set up your testing device

Most students taking the digital PSAT will be using their own laptop, or a school laptop that they’ve been issued. While technical issues have been minimal during administrations of the digital SAT internationally, no student wants to deal with troubleshooting tech issues on test day.


Know your strengths and weaknesses

Taking a practice PSAT will generate a detailed score report showing students’ performance on every question. This feedback will help students familiarize themselves with their strengths and weaknesses, as well as predict their success on the official PSAT and subsequent digital SAT in the spring.


Expect minimal info from official reports

Historically, the PSAT provided a detailed score report that students could use as a road map for their testing plan moving forward. If the digital SAT score reports given to students internationally are any indication, the new digital PSAT score report will provide minimal detail.

The international score reports for the digital SAT have not even offered the number of questions a student got right or wrong, and we strongly expect that the digital PSAT score report will be similar.


How Applerouth can help

Join us next week for our free strategy session The Digital PSAT is Here: What High Schoolers Need to Know. I’ll be joined by our founder, Jed Applerouth, PhD., to discuss the changes in more depth and offer some advice for how you can best prepare.

Then, take a practice test in the Bluebook app! From there, our expert tutors can help them review their score report, identify key areas for improvement, and help better familiarize them with the digital test app so they’re prepared come test day in October.

To get your student started, give us a call at 866-789-PREP (7737) or book a time to speak to one of our Program Directors.

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