The 17 Things the Class of 2017 Needs to do Before Going to College

The Applerouth Team
June 13, 2017
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Remember four years ago when you were just about to start high school? Congratulations Class of 2017, you are now a college freshman! This is an exciting time in your life. We’ve got the 17 things you need to do the summer before college. Read on to see how you can make the most of your summer.

1. High School’s Out For-ever! So you may be surprised by the first thing on our list. Read that book you’ve been meaning to read. Between SATs and ACTs, AP exams, finals, college applications, and college essays, you had a lot to cram in in just a year. You were learning at such a fast pace trying to get everything done. Take some time to enjoy a book you’ve been meaning to read. We promise it will be worth it.

2. Take advantage of social media to get to know your future classmates. Many schools have Facebook groups for incoming freshman so you can connect with your future classmates. Take advantage and join! This way, you’ll know some people before you set foot on campus.

3. Spend quality time with your friends who are going to college. Yes, you’ll see them at graduation parties, but take some time to spend with them outside of those events. You may not see them again until Thanksgiving, so enjoy the downtime with them over the summer.

4. Don’t forget about your friends who may still be in high school! Chances are they may feel left out of all the college excitement and will really miss you being away while they are still in high school. Spend time with them as well and invite them up to visit you on campus.

5. Remember those older people who happen to live with you as well? Your parents will miss you a lot - and believe it or not, you’ll miss them as well. The past year may have been busy and stressful with everything college admissions - now you have down time to hang with your parents. Go out to dinner, have a game night, let them take you out for ice cream. We promise - you’ll enjoy it now and there will be nights when you’re at college that you’ll miss it.

6. We know you cannot wait to go to college and explore campus, but don’t forget about your hometown. Have a hometown day going to all your favorite places and maybe even going to some places you have not been before.

7. Make sure to eat at all your favorite restaurants. Those burgers you love, or that pizza place that makes your favorite slice - make sure you eat at those spots this summer. While there will be campus eats that will find their way into your heart, there is nothing quite like your favorite hometown grub.

8. Get to know your roomie. Connect on social media, give each other a call. You’ll feel like you already know them once you move in.

9. Explore your new home - campus! If you can squeeze in a visit, go for it! If not, you can still get to know campus. Explore online and download a campus map. You’ll start to get a feel for where all the building on campus are. You can also head on over to yelp and check out all the restaurants on campus. It’s important to know the best late night spots to fuel you through finals!

10. Register for classes. Get to know what your requirements are and what types of classes you may need to take as a freshman. Also, make sure to explore courses offered that are of interest to you! You will have time to take elective courses over your four years, so delve into subjects that are inspiring to you.

11. Buy your books. Once you’re registered, make sure you buy all your required textbooks and course materials. Insider tip - buy used or online if you can - those can be cheaper options!

12. Clean out your closet. Yes, you’re moving out, so why clean? Well, you’ll be taking your wardrobe with you. Take some time go through your items to see what you need for campus.

13. Make your college packing list and start shopping! This is fun, but can be overwhelming if you are not prepared. Putting together a list of your essentials is important. It will help you stay organized and keep you from buying items that may not be necessary. It can be easy to buy a lot of items you think you may need when you head into the college dorm section of your local store.

14. Learn some important life skills - like laundry and finances! Yes, you can take laundry home over Thanksgiving, but can you really wait that long to do laundry? Learn tips on how to best do your laundry before you head out to campus. Also, gone are the days when you can hit up mom and dad for an extra $20 before going out with your friends. Open up a bank account if you don’t have one already and get some money managing tips from your parents.

15. Make appointments - doctor, dentist, hair - they are all important! Before you go to college you should see your doctor and dentist. It’s likely that you’ll need to submit medical forms. Also, it’s nice to see your doctors before you leave home. You won’t want to have to find a new doctor or dentist at college for routine check ups.

16. Organize + pack. You’re almost there! You have all your new stuff, you’ve cleaned out your closet. Now it’s time to pack it all up. Remember stay organized! Pack all your clothes together, your linens in one spot, your toiletries in another. You’ll be glad you did when you unpack! Chances are once you get on campus you’ll want to unpack and explore. The more organized you are in your packing the faster unpacking will go!

17. Enjoy the summer! Yes, there are a lot of things on this list - but this is the most important. Enjoy each and every thing you do this summer. Take time for yourself, Have lazy days at the pool. Eat your favorite foods, have marathon movie days, laugh with your family and friends till your stomach hurts. You’ve worked hard this year - take some time off and enjoy all you’ve accomplished!

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