Summer relaxation is here, but so is the opportunity for summer structure!

Melissa Pluchos
June 22, 2024
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The summer solstice has come and gone and while some students have LOTS of summer plans, others may still be looking to fill some objectives and pockets of time.

We know that, as IECs, you know your students best. We love that you have your eyes on them (and their goals) and can make sound and helpful suggestions to students and their families.

So in that spirit, here’s how Applerouth can help when students may need a little more substance in the remaining weeks of their summer…

  • Applerouth’s Writing Guide: Whether as a stand-alone self-study program or 1:1 program with an Applerouth tutor, students can benefit from our writing expertise at a pace that fits their summer schedule.  (Please note that we do NOT work on college admissions essays with students.)
  • Academic Success Guide: Students saying “next year my grades will be better!?” Put them to the test with our guide for improvement in all things academic. Paired alone for goal setting and organization or matched with an Executive Functioning coach, help them execute the hidden curriculum of school.
  • Diagnostic SAT and ACT?  Rising Juniors (who have completed Algebra 2), it’s time to take a Practice Test.  This summer, you can remind your students that the SAT is an hour shorter than it was last summer! (Sounds like a great contest idea; how can they best use this extra hour!)
  • Experienced a particularly challenging class that will be a foundation for next year? This circumstance is so, so common with Math but also Foreign Languages and even STEM classes. A bit of customized academic tutoring can help bring students back up to speed and be ready to conquer a new academic year.

Need more ideas? Check out our guest author blog post with lots more summer ideas.

Have more ideas? Please share with us at

We know that summer goes by in a flash so we send our best wishes to enjoy–you’ll be reading those senior essays before you know it!  Here’s to hoping for a relaxing and productive summer for all!

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