Meet Maria - Our New Tutor Operations Manager

The Applerouth Team
March 23, 2011
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Maria is a Textile Engineer from Georgia Tech who started her career working in new product Research and Development with Kimberly-Clark Corporation. After having two children, she taught preschool, then graduated to home schooling her children when they reached elementary school age. As they reached middle school and returned to traditional schooling, she worked in the office of and substituted in several private schools for elementary and middle school grades. She returned to homeschooling after adopting two children from Russia, but when they became fluent in English and started in traditional school, she again returned to working in schools. Last November, she joined Applerouth Tutoring, and is now focused on making your student’s tutoring experience with Applerouth the best that it can be.

Her primary goal is to shorten the time for the client-tutor matching process. Applerouth guarantees a tutor match in seven days, but Maria has reduced that time to an average of two days over the past three months. If you have a question about your tutoring or a particular tutor she will be happy to answer it. She serves as a liason between Applerouth’s client services, clients and tutors. This assures that if you have an unusual request such as: Can someone work with my daughter for one session before her AP calculus test next week? or, Can you help my son prepare for the GRE when he is in town next week? she is there to get the needed tutor.

Do you need to know more about the tutor you are working with? Would you like to work with a tutor who has specialized in a particular area? Are you wondering if your daughter can continue her tutoring while she visits relatives in Europe this summer? Maria will be happy to answer questions like these for you!

Maria also assists with the screening, hiring, and training of new tutors, and continued training of current tutors by providing support to the tutor development manager. Additionally, she will continue with her love of teaching by tutoring Applerouth students.

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