Making Judicious Use of Junior Year

Jesse Ramcharan
August 6, 2023
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Making Judicious Use of Junior Year

Setting thoughtful and reasonable expectations can be a balancing act, and we know our IEC partners are true masters of guiding each student along in the search for their best-fit school. As you onboard your own juniors, we know how important it is to know who your students are and what they are capable of as you help them build college lists, determine scholarship eligibility, and set goals for the future.


When it comes to test prep, there is a wide range of readiness at this point, with some students already in the thick of it, preparing to wrap up their testing by early fall, and others who may not quite be ready to test before spring. On top of everything, the current Class of 2025 juniors will include many who will be taking a hybrid approach to testing - sitting for a mix of paper-based and digital tests.


At Applerouth, we’ve been fielding questions about these changes for months now, and it is our pleasure to pass along our resources to help as you advise your juniors.


For those still unsure of which test they should take, the SAT or ACT, there’s no better time than now to take a practice test and shed some light on what work may be ahead. And for those students who may be eligible for merit aid based on their PSAT scores, investing in some prep before the digital PSAT in October may literally pay off. With that in mind, your students can sign up for both paper-based and digital practice tests with us by checking the schedule here.


Our special guide for the Class of 2025 offers a snapshot of the digital SAT changes along with some testing timelines students should consider, complete with upcoming test dates as seen below.

For anyone hoping to learn a bit more about the latest testing changes - including how and when the SAT and PSAT are going digital - please check out our one-stop-shop for all things digital PSAT and SAT here. Please also join us on 8/29 as we discuss what high schoolers need to know about the digital PSAT.


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