Get your ACT Together: The Fabulous Guide to the ACT

Jed Applerouth, PhD
October 25, 2012
min read
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It’s finally here. The Fabulous Guide to the ACT: the one ACT book to rule them all! We spent years getting it just right: the visual presentation, the humor, the conversational language, the advanced pedagogy. We took the best aspects of private tutoring, added our special sauce, and created what we honestly believe is the best ACT book on the market. Here are a few highlights:

Mastering Science

Our Science chapter is possibly the best part of this new book. During our preparatory phase, we read dozens of ACT tests and prep guides, none of which showed students an effective method for breaking down the most challenging science questions into discrete steps. This was our challenge, and we believe we succeeded, making our most significant pedagogical contribution.

We teach students a major time-saving strategy and break down the 8 major question types for this section. Students learn how to quickly “Get to the Point” of every type of graph or table the ACT might throw at them. And once students have mastered the strategies, they can test their skills with our Science Walkthrough – a full Science section modeled after the most recent ACT tests, complete with illustrated solutions.


Overcoming Anxiety

As tutors, we know that anxiety, attitude, and self-regulation have a huge impact on test scores. The ACT in particular stresses students’ ability to perform under pressure, so we provide students with the best methods for overcoming test anxiety and preparing themselves for test day.


Reading for Recall

Students who have difficulty with reading comprehension can struggle on the ACT Reading section, but other prep guides rarely, if ever, tackle this problem head-on. In our Reading chapter, not only do we teach basic and advanced strategies for tackling Reading questions, but we also model how students can use imagination and paraphrasing to enhance recall of passages.


English and Math

Our Math and Grammar sections are comprehensive: we left no stone unturned. We've included a steady flow of fun and instructional images to keep students engaged. Our SohCahToa Superheroes help master Trigonometry, our Grammar Mechanics demonstrate proper comma maintenance, and “Swoop Loggy Log” provides an unforgettable technique for simplifying any logarithm problem. These often absurd illustrations and examples make ACT prep far more enjoyable than students expect, while also giving them a way to easily remember the most effective strategies on test day.


We hope you enjoy using this book as much as we enjoyed writing it. It is sure to take students’ ACT scores to the next level. If you have feedback about the book, leave a comment and let us know what you think. The second edition is not be far behind!

Higher ACT scores, here we come!


All the best,


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