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“The Intersection of Nerdom and Art” – Inside the Apple with Richard Vigneault

It was my distinct pleasure to interview Richard Vigneault, Applerouth’s Director of Instructional Design, for this edition of “Inside the Apple.” A graduate of Emory University and Emory Law School, Richard’s passion for communication and education brought Richard to Applerouth in 2010. Richard leads the talented team of writers, teachers, and animators who create our print and digital curriculum. I really can’t understate how much of an influence Richard’s thoughtful and creative approach has had on Applerouth, from our textbooks to our tutoring philosophies. 

Whenever I have an opportunity to speak with Richard, I always come away newly inspired and ready to help my students scale the highest mountains. I hope you will feel similarly after listening to our conversation, which ranges from what instructional design even is to what excites Richard most about the coming digital SAT. In between, he offers some great tips on how we learn that can help us all be better educators – and students of life ourselves. 

I hope that you, like me, will be inspired to fail and learn and fail again – the struggle is real and it’s really part of the plan.

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