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The College Board Reports Error in Scoring on Math Question in May Test

The May SAT featured a math question that was incorrectly scored for some students, and the College Board will be changing scores accordingly.

According to a source cited by Inside Higher Ed, the problem in question was a free response (or “grid-in”) in the Calculator Math section, the fourth section of the test. These questions typically have multiple correct answers, but the scoring key for this test omitted some correct answers.

The College Board has notified the students whose scores will be going up, but has not released information on what question it was or the circumstances of the error. According to Newsweek, the error was discovered by a San Francisco tutor and student who were going through the QAS (Question-and-Answer Service) from the student’s May test. The QAS is a service offered for selective SAT test dates, in which students can receive a copy of test questions and responses for an additional fee.

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