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Author’s Corner: A book for millennial women as they transition to college, career, and adulthood

Leaigh Ann Spraetz recently published a book for millennial women as they transition to college, from college, to their first career, or through various adult phases in their lives. Her experience working in the corporate world and then as a counselor for over 850 students provided her with lessons that she wanted to share with her female students and with many millennial women in general as they experience life transitions. She especially wanted to share these lessons with her daughter as she enters the workplace. Leigh Anne shared a few thoughts with us at Applerouth about how this book can help young women as they move through college, career, and beyond:

When I first started my career as a salesperson for a Fortune 100 communications company, I received an education that surpassed much of what I learned in college. A female customer recommended a book, Games Your Mother Never Taught You by Betty Lehan Harragan. It was invaluable to me. As my daughter is graduating from college and starting her own career, I want her to have a guide that will be invaluable to her. I wanted to develop a book that had heart, insight, personal meaning, and wisdom: one that wasn’t just about corporate gamesmanship and reaching the top. Women play so many different roles today, and I wanted something that addressed this multifaceted phase of women’s lives. From discussions with my clients, I knew that former, current, and future students could benefit from these insights.

So, with the help of women I respect, we created this book.  If you are a mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, relative, friend, or employee of a female millennial, please pass this book along to equip and encourage her.

Learn more about Leigh Anne’s book: millennial messages: letters from mothers to their millennial (and centennial) daughters

Leigh Anne Spraetz is an independent college and counselor, entrepreneur, licensed professional counselor, and senior career transition coach. For 20 years, Ms. Spraetz has counseled over 850 millennials (whom she prefers to call game-changers) through her college and career counseling practice in Atlanta, Georgia, in the areas of college admissions, essay and resume development, career exploration, and career planning. As an avid proponent of lifelong learning, she believes each of us has the ability to create the life we want when we are rich in self-knowledge. Ms. Spraetz is the mother of two millennials and is a member of the ShowMe50 Lean In Circle. She is dedicated to remaining innovative in her approach to coaching others in a manner that lends respect and awe for who they choose to become. She retired last year from her large college and career counseling practice, Academic Futures at The Summit Counseling Center, and reorganized to open a smaller practice that offered more flexibility for her students, offering her services on an hourly basis.

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