Educational Consultant Spotlight: Linda Pollard Puner

What Is College Co-op?

College Co-op offers highly individualized college counseling with great results for a wide range of students. Linda Pollard Puner, co-founder of College Co-op, has guided hundreds of students and families through the complex, ever-changing application process. From the Blue Devils of Duke and the Blue Hens of Delaware, to mammoth Penn State and small but mighty Carleton, to the poets at Kenyon and the techies at MIT, College Co-op students find the right fit.

How Does It Work?

Amid the barrage of misinformation and fear mongering about college admissions, Linda provides up-to-date information and re-assuring guidance for students and their families. Along with suggesting appropriate matches, Linda’s goal is make the process is as unstressed as possible so that students emerge from it feeling good about themselves. And…even speaking to their parents. Choosing a college is serious business but it can be fun too.

What’s Different About College Co-op?

Students are never a number at College Co-op. College lists, testing advice, essay support—and all the other elements of the process—are tailored to the individual. College Co-op knows that behind a GPA, SAT scores and extracurricular activities is a young person who is facing a significant decision, but only one in a long line of meaningful choices in life. Students and parents talk candidly with Linda in ways they may not be comfortable in speaking to each other.

College Co-op is based on co-operation among Linda, the students and families. While a one-on-one service, CCO also provides additional counselors’ input and access to experts in specialized areas.

Who Is Linda Pollard Puner?

Linda brings her background in writing and teaching to college counseling. She has written features for The New York Times, Private Colleges & Universities, Gannett newspapers, The Scarsdale Inquirer and Westchester Magazine. Her award winning book, Starting Out Suburban: A Frosh Year Survival Guide, followed students through their experiences from love and laundry to the “Phone Call from Hell” and final exams. Linda has presented workshops at high schools and colleges, including Hamilton College and Wesleyan University, and for organizations. As an English teacher at Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, NY, she created courses in children’s literature and interactive poetry. University of Michigan alum Linda has done graduate work at New York University, Boston University, and the Harvard Summer Institute. She is a full-professional member of Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), and belongs to WPRCA and NYSACAC.

Linda Pollard Puner

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