Before this Saturday’s SAT, Know What You Can Bring!

There are many unforeseeable situations that could arise on test day. Every test, there is always an unfortunate student who locked his keys (and admission ticket) in his car, or another student whose batteries run out of juice halfway through the math section. Creating a checklist and running through it before you leave the house is invaluable in making sure that you’ll be testing at your full potential. But what if someone else, not you, is unprepared? How will you advocate for yourself?

We have seen cases of test proctors who prohibit their students from using calculators for the math section, or who take up students’ watches before the test. In the event that a proctor does not follow the proper protocol, you will need to be ready to advocate for yourself and your peers.

Below is a list taken from the College Board website of approved devices:

What is off-limits on test day?

  • Cell phones (including the calculator and stopwatch functions!)
  • iPods
  • Computers
  • Pagers
  • Non-watch timers
  • Cameras
  • Recording equipment

It may be a good idea to print out the SAT checklist and bring it with you to the test. If you’re told to put away your watch, you can politely show the proctor that a watch without alarm is a permitted device on test day.

We all make mistakes. Make sure on test day that you don’t let your or others’ mistakes rob you of a great score.

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