Diane Cohen: College Process Consulting

Diane is an independent college consultant based in Alpharetta, Georgia. Her practice, College Process Consulting, helps students and families navigate the college process with a holistic approach. While Diane has an uncanny ability for helping students find the perfect “fit” for themselves in a college, she takes the process beyond admissions; she uses an introspective process to help students first gain insight into themselves, then plan potential areas of study in consideration of possible career options.

Generally, Diane begins working with students as they enter their junior year. She is hands-on throughout the admissions process, reducing stress for families while empowering her students to take the lead. Her students take pride in owning the process and demonstrating their personal best when they hit “submit.”

Diane is known by all to be passionate about her students. As a mother of two college students, Diane can personally relate to this transition. She constantly visits schools throughout the country and makes it a priority to know everything that is relevant to helping her students make the most informed decision. In addition to positive admissions decisions, Diane is also well known for her expertise in brainstorming ideas for the essays. Most students are intimidated by the prospect of writing about themselves. Diane assists her students in producing more than just their voice; the students gain insight into themselves. She has a talent for finding a school that is a perfect fit. A college that students may not have discovered on their own often becomes a first choice.

Diane has always been involved in counseling and coaching and has leveraged her corporate background in MBA recruitment, staffing and development, leadership training consulting, and executive search to assist her prospective college students. Diane has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Fordham University and a Master of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations from Cornell University.

For more information, contact Diane at College Process Consulting – www.collegeprocessconsulting.com or call 404.545.0842.

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