Graphing Calculator Drive for Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta

In conjunction with the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta, we are helping 26 students prepare for the December ACT. These diligent students, over half of whom are seniors taking the last possible test for college admissions requirements, have been studying for the exam since the beginning of November. We are trying to give them every opportunity to maximize their potential and get the best scores they can. Unfortunately, we do not have enough graphing calculators to go around.

So, we are holding a Calculator Drive for our Boys and Girls Club scholarship students, hoping to give them the chance to score their best on the upcoming ACT. We are reaching out to our community, asking for any used graphing calculators for our students. If you have any graphing calculators approved by the ACT that you no longer use, we ask you to donate them to these motivated students. You may drop them off Monday through Friday, 9:30am to 5pm at our main office or mail them to:

ATTN: Randy Schultz
1768 Century Blvd NE
Suite B
Atlanta, GA 30345.

We offer our heartfelt thanks for your generosity.

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  • Jon Weininger

    Thank you for considering to offer your compassionate support for this effort.

  • Jasmin Smith

    So how did the fundraising go? the club president should have seek help to some government officials on their local town for funds to buy graphing calculators for the students I’m pretty sure the officials won’t hesitate to help for it is for a good cause.