Do You Have a Plan for the PLAN–the pre-ACT?

Almost all college-bound sophomores and juniors will take a PSAT. The PSAT is the test that qualifies students for a National Merit Scholarship, and it is also considered a preliminary SAT. Many students who take the PSAT do so to get an idea of what taking the SAT is like. And, since the SAT is a very popular test here on the East Coast, it makes sense to get as much practice in as you can. However, the ACT is gaining speed, and, more importantly EVERY college that requires admissions exams in the United States accepts either the SAT or the ACT. Equally. No difference. Love ’em both.

While colleges and universities don’t play favorites with the SAT or ACT, students do and should. The skills needed to succeed on either test are different (see Jed’s article about the difference between the tests). Certain students excel on the SAT while others thrive on the ACT. Most parents and students know kids get a chance to hone their SAT skills on the  PSAT, but hardly any have heard of the corresponding pre-ACT, the PLAN.

The PLAN test, when offered, is usually admistered to sophomores. Not only will help students become familiar with the layout of the ACT, but when compared with PSAT scores, it can help parents and students decide which is the best admissions exam to take.

If your school doesn’t offer a PLAN test, Applerouth can send a test home for you to proctor, or you could ask you counseling office to contact us to set up a PLAN test for your school. We are also conducting PLAN tests this fall for certain schools. Again, please check with your counseling office for details.

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