The FAB Just Got Even More FABULOUS!

Applerouth Tutoring Services is the proud parent of a brand new bundle of joy! No, no one had a baby. But after years of meticulous analysis and hard work, The Fabulous Guide to the SAT is now complete. Consider this Extreme Makeover: SAT Edition. While this new study guide is based on the same foundation of proven strategies that have helped hundreds of our students get their dream scores, it has seriously bulked up on practice problems and content.

The Fabulous Guide to the SAT is filled with humor, creativity, illustrations and diagrams designed for visual learners. Included in the book are sample study schedules for students to follow whether they have 1 day or 3 months to prepare and a 7-week, 600-word vocabulary plan to increase students’ scores. It teaches students a revolutionary way to think about Critical Reading and instructs them in all the key Math and Writing concepts. Learn how to rock the essay, guess strategically, manage time effectively, spot wrong answers, and conquer test anxiety.


  • Over 1,000 practice problems in Vocabulary, Critical Reading, Math and Writing
  • Memorable illustrations and diagrams ideal for all learning styles
  • Time management strategies and timing drills
  • Strategies for overcoming test anxiety
  • Foolproof guide to writing the Essay and perfect-scoring examples
  • Guessing techniques and other ways to trick the SAT

All new SAT students will receive a copy of the new and improved FAB as part of their materials. If you’d like the book, but are unable to tutor with us, don’t worry. Just visit our site to order one for yourself.

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