Do you have an academically talented 4th, 5th or 7th grader?

The Duke TIP program may be for your student.

What is the Duke TIP?

Duke TIP stands for the Duke University Talent Identification Program.  It is a non-profit educational organization that focuses on identifying academically talented students and providing them with programs to help encourage their development.

How do you qualify?

To qualify, your student must have scored at the 95th percentile or higher on any of these tests:

  • a grade level standardized achievement test like the ITBS
  • an aptitude test
  • a mental ability test battery
  • an approved state criterion-referenced test
  • an IQ administration where the student scored above 125

Students will be admitted into the program with an acceptable composite or subtest area score.

What are the benefits?

Students who enroll in the program as 4th or 5th graders will be afforded a number of educational resources including a creative writing lesson, a mathematics lesson, admissions into a book club and more.

Students who enroll as 7th graders get to take an above-level test like the SAT or ACT, are given a certificate of recognition, and receive many other educational resources. 7th graders who are already participating in the program can qualify for recognition ceremonies by taking the SAT or ACT.  There are two qualifying levels—the State Qualifying Level and the Grand Qualifying Level.  To qualify at the State Level, a student must score approximately in the 50th percentile (in a subsection or composite score).  To qualify at the Grand Level, the student must be in the 90th percentile.

Participation in the Duke TIP program looks great on an application to a private school as well as a college application.

Where do you enroll?

Enroll in the TIP program online

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