How to learn 25 vocabulary words in 8 minutes (and have fun doing it!)

Online vocabulary quizzes are now available! Free for anyone who has purchased ATS vocabulary flash cards or a tutoring package that includes deluxe materials.

At Applerouth Tutoring Services we are always thinking of ways to use technology to increase our students’ potential when it comes to test prep and college admissions. In that regard, we would like to announce our new system for taking vocabulary quizzes online.

To start your own vocabulary quiz:

  1. Log in to your ATS Account
  2. Click on the Tests tab
  3. Select the quiz you want to take (Week 1-7 or a mix of all weeks)
  4. Click the Take Test button

Each vocabulary quiz takes 25 random words straight from our actual vocabulary flash cards and gives you 8 minutes to pick the correct definitions. Feedback is instant and, after the quiz, an easy-to-print Missed Words report gives you an opportunity to focus on exactly the words you need to study. Even if you get a perfect score, your best time is always recorded so keep trying to shave off those extra seconds!

Have a question or suggestion about the online vocabulary quizzes? Leave us a comment below!

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  • Anonymous

    How are the quizzes scored? 10 points each correct answer?

  • Each week’s quiz is out of 100 points. With 25 questions per week it’s 4 point for every right answer (0 for wrong). Your best time is also saved even if you get the same exact score.