Now that you're in, you can rest easy. Right?

Congratulations, Seniors. You’ve been accepted! You’ve received the thick envelope and are currently stocking up on mascot paraphanalia. The rest of senior year will be a breeze. Why even show up to class? Who cares if your As and Bs start sliding downward toward Cs and Ds? You were accepted; it’s not like they can take it back. Before you toss your text books out your car window and call it day, hold up. Colleges can revoke acceptance. Repeat: An acceptance letter is not a get out of jail free card. A National Association of College Admissions Counseling study in 2008* found that 35% of colleges REVOKED admission offers in 2007. The most common reason? Grades. Yes, you read correctly. Your final semester grades can come back to bite you in the bum. So, pay attention in class and try to keep everything up to your normal standards.  See the charts below for information on what else can cause students to lose their coveted place in the hallowed halls of their dreams.

State of College Admission 2008 Report - Percentage of Colleges that Revoked Admission Offers for Various Reasons (Among Those That Revoked Any Offers)

State of College Admission2008 Report - College Ratings of Likelihood That Various Disciplinary Issues Will Result in an Admission Offer Being Revoked

*You can download the entire NACAC State of College Admission 2008 Report slideshow here:

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