How to deal with college rejection letters

The first thing you need to realize is that almost every college applicant receives at least one rejection letter, and a rejection letter is not a rejection of you as a person, but a rejection of you as a match for the school.

Remember that colleges are trying to get diverse populations. If they get twenty applications similar to yours, you can almost bet that eighteen other applicants will get that same rejection letter that you got. Not all who are good enough to get into a school are given acceptance letters.

Also, keep in mind that schools can only accept a certain number of students to each degree program. If the degree program to which you are applying is full, you will be out of luck.

The best thing you can do is embrace the schools who accept you; don’t get stuck on the “name” of a school that rejects you. College is about the experience, not the name. A year from now you’ll find that your choice is the right choice for you.

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