Win FREE Tutoring–Desperately Seeking Smarties

Where do intelligent people congregate? If you have any brilliant insight into the surprisingly elusive answer to this seemingly simple question, please share. Applerouth Tutoring itself is filled with brainiacs, but we are always looking for more.

Let’s make a deal, don’t worry we won’t ask you to dress like a chicken (sorry, students, that was a joke for your parents). If you have great ideas where smart, well-educated adults mingle, send them my way. In return for the best suggestion, we will give you a prize! No, it’s not a toaster. The best suggestions will receive… drum roll please…


Submit any place you can think of where the super smart linger. Bonus points if it is located in East Cobb, Alpharetta or Sandy Springs. How will submissions be judged, you might ask. Since we are offering this opportunity in an effort to hire more intelligent, friendly, professional tutors, we will let response rate be the judge. The more interest we receive in working with us, the higher your suggestion will be ranked. You can offer as many suggestions as you want, but you can only win once. However, the more suggestions you make, the better odds you have.

Put on your thinking caps and tell us where other thinkers can be found. Email your suggestions–preferably with contact information–to

Remember: If you are the only one who offers a suggestion, you win automatically!

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