Everybody Needs Some MONEY Sometimes

Congratulations, Seniors! You’ve been tested and interviewed to death, and now acceptance letters are pouring in! All that’s left before the best four years of your life begin is a trip to Bed, Bath and Beyond for a snazzy new bath mat and towel set and a quick prayer to the roommate god that yours doesn’t sit in the dark and talk to his toes. Alas, if only it were that easy. For a minute, let us assume the best of all possible worlds. You’ve been accepted to your dream college and they have even granted you some sort of scholarship. However, unless you are the next Einstein, one of your parents is faculty or staff, or the university library shares your name, chances are you are not attending tuition-free. So even though you have successfully navigated the treacherous sea of college admissions, you are not home free. Now you must steer your way through the murky waters of funding your oh-so-exciting education.

With the dreaded “R” word on everyone’s lips, the thought of paying for your four years of liberated bliss has some parents breaking into a cold sweat. A recent New York Times article, “Fewer Options to Pay for Costs of College,” discusses the worries many have, especially with regards to obtaining student and parent loans.

Even though I worked in my school’s Office of Financial Aid for two years, I am by no means an expert. However, I have listed some online resources below that will hopefully help you in your quest. If you have any other favorite resources, please let us know. Your expert knowledge may help someone else!

The College Board
They’ve put you through enough misery already. Let them offer a helping hand.


Everyone’s favorite scholarship-finder for good reason! They have over 1.3 million scholarships in their database. You never know what you might qualify for.

Tuition Coach

This site offers a free service and a subscription service. They offer help calculating and minimizing college costs, analyzing funding options and completing tricky financial aid forms. They can even give you tips on how to negotiate a better offer from your college.

Super College

This site is similar to FastWeb.

7 Alternative Ways to Pay for College

This is an article with some ideas you may not have thought of yet. Be warned, not all ideas will apply or be practical for your situation.

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