A Matter of Math

What is a high school student to do when she has conquered parametric equations and polar coordinates? Where is there to go when a student has surpassed the highest math class offered in his high school by his junior year? Should she put math on the back burner and focus on another subject? Should he become home-schooled and left to navigate the treacherous waters of Calculus III by himself? Should advanced students stifle their love of a science that is ever present in our world, that explains the intricacies of our universe and perhaps our existence simply because they have eclipsed the high school curriculum? Not anymore.

Georgia Tech offers these advanced Math Masters the ability to continue their learning while earning credit for high school and college at the same time. For the past 3 years, Georgia Tech’s Center for Distance Learning has been enabling students from Cobb and Fulton counties to continue their math education beyond the limitation of the Georgia high school curriculum. With the help of two-way video and e-mail, high school students can attend Tech lectures from the comfort of their own classrooms. With just under 100 student participants from twelve high schools–Chattahoochee, Milton, Roswell, Lassiter, North Springs, Wheeler, among others–the program is growing.

You can learn more from Diane R. Strepp’s article A formula for higher learning: Taking on college math early, teens tune in to Georgia Tech classes in the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

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