Words, words, words…

Prince Hamlet’s lament doesn’t need to be the morose mantra of the average SAT student. Even though 40% of the verbal section of the SAT relies on the strength of your vocabulary, you don’t need to spend your Saturday nights curled up on the couch with a copy of the Oxford English Dictionary. We’ve all been told the best way to augment our lexicon is by reading–novels, newspapers, magazines, Tutor Talk blogs! However, there are only so many hours you can spend reading before your eyeballs start to goo over. How do you escape the dialect doldrums? Is there a cure for the vocabulary blues? Below is a list of three avant-garde ways to become a convivial belletrist.

What could be more entertaining than watching your little brother try to act out a “specious diletante”?

Monikers (Nicknames)
You could improve your vocabulary while trouncing the opposing team. “Hey, Paragon, pass me the ball!” Think of the intimidation factor. How would their goalie react if you called him a “pernicious charlatan”? He’d probably drop the ball.

Maybe you’re the next Billy Collins or ee cummings. Whether your forte is iambic pentameter or a classic haiku, put your imagination to work with our online magnetic poetry. Stay tuned for our new Magnetic Poetry Page and Contest!

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