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National Practice
Test Weekend

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We're providing proctored practice tests online, for free, to support students at this time.

Applerouth is offering students the opportunity to take previously released SAT and ACT practice tests for free. Practice tests will be online and proctored to offer students the most realistic test day experience. Afterwards, each student will receive a detailed score report, access to a webinar on understanding their scores, a private phone consultation with a Program Advisor to create a targeted study plan, and access a strategy session led by one of our top tutors.

Why Register?

Online SAT and ACT practice tests with detailed score reports

Online Understanding Your Scores and Strategy Session

Private phone consultation to create a custom study plan

ACT - Online Practice Opportunities

In order to provide students with the most realistic test day experience, students will be completing a fifth section at the end of their test just as they would if they were taking an official ACT. This section will be either English, Math, Reading, or Science. As on the official test, this section will not count toward the student's overall score.

ACT online practice test event registration is now closed for National Practice Test Weekend . If you would like to register for a future online practice test, please see our upcoming schedule here.

SAT - Online Practice Opportunities

Registration will close at 2pm EDT on Friday, May 1st.

All exams are standard length. To schedule a test with extended time accommodations, call us at 866-789-PREP (7737).

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Once you reserve your spot, you will be automatically enrolled in an online Understanding Your Scores Webinar and Strategy Session led by a top Applerouth tutor. These sessions will help you understand your score report and help you learn key test taking strategies.

SAT Understanding Your Scores
Thursday, May 21st
at 8:00pm EDT/5:00pm PDT
ACT Understanding Your Scores
Thursday, May 14th
at 8:00pm EDT/5:00pm PDT
SAT Strategy Session
Tuesday, June 2nd
at 8:00pm EDT/5:00pm PDT
ACT Strategy Session
Tuesday, June 9th
at 8:00pm EDT/5:00pm PDT


Since the practice tests are online, you will need to print out your materials before the test. Please be on the lookout for your confirmation email and your practice test reminder emails which will have all the links you need to print your test day materials.

Make sure to login 30 minutes prior to your start time for a special introductory session.
*Do not review the practice test until test day when the proctor directs you to do so.

*Students may only register for one SAT practice test and one ACT practice test. The SAT test administered is a previously released, official SAT practice test. This practice test is not an official College Board administration of the test. The ACT test administered is a previously released, official ACT practice test. This practice test in not an official ACT, Inc. administration of the test. If you have signed up for an Applerouth Free Practice Test Event previously, you maybe signing up to take the same version of the test.