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Name The Recruited Athlete: Admissions, Testing, Timelines
Date Aug 6 (Tue)
7:00pm EDT / 4:00pm PDT
Duration: 1h 00m
Location Online

Jed Applerouth


Harry Rosenholtz


Join Harry Rosenholtz, the former women's ice hockey coach at Yale University and Quinnipiac (and current head coach of the Spanish National team) as he walks you through the steps necessary to get recruited to play a sport in college. With new NCAA legislation having gone into effect on May 1, 2019, it is particularly important to understand how it might affect your child or your client. Coach Rosenholtz has been successfully helping student athletes for over 20 years and has lectured all over the world about the unique challenges and solutions of being recruited in this highly competitive environment. He will be joined by Dr. Jed Applerouth who will be going over how to navigate the college admissions testing process.

Learn about:

  • New NCAA Legislation and how it impacts the marketplace
  • The Athletic Recruiting Timeline
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • The Unspoken Advantages of a Student-Athlete in the admissions process;
  • How to know whether you are being recruited and how to find out where you stand.
  • Scholarship versus roster spot, what is a recruited walk-on?
  • Verbal Commitments - Myth versus reality
  • NCAA Basics - Compliance and Eligibility
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