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Our academic tutoring package is the best way to prepare for high school or college classes. With one-on-one tutoring, a student receives 100% of the tutor's attention and all lessons are taught at the student's unique learning pace.

All hours included in each academic tutoring package are for direct, one-on-one instruction in a single subject. We cannot guarantee the availability of a particular tutor for hours purchased online, so please call us if you already know which of our tutors you'd like to work with.

If you are new to Applerouth Academic Tutoring, ask us about setting up a trial session.


Silver 6 hours

Our "fine-tuning" package. Ideal for students who are close to their score goal or have limited time to prepare.


Silver 6 hours


Gold 12 hours

Our most popular package. Ideal for most students.


Gold 12 hours


Platinum 18 hours

Our most comprehensive package. Ideal for students looking for more intensive preparation or a large score increase.


Platinum 18 hours


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The positive and comfortable atmosphere with her tutor made my daughter feel encouraged and she gained confidence.

Atlanta International School parent

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